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Today’s liberalism is an anachronism - from Shelby Steele
Some quotes from the  Shelby Steele  article linked below that I really liked. My italics --- "America became stigmatized in the ’60s as racist, sexist and militaristic, it wanted moral authority above all else. Subsequently the American left reconstituted ...

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More musings on the passing of time
I have entered my 70th year. I cannot even remember ever anticipating getting this old. I remember thinking about 60, yes, but  70 , that was so far away. Inside I am still 30. The way my life has unfolded bears a tenuous resemblance to the way I imagined i...

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Musings on the mysteries of mortality
Musings on the mysteries of mortality. - It is a short ride really - Upon entering the house of a close friend who has recently died at a young age - your age. You know he is gone, but the unconscious mind still uncontrollably “expects” see him sitting wher...

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An early stocktaking
The two
issues I identified in my early evaluation of the prospects for the Trump
administration also seem to be the most polarizing. I refer to immigration and
trade. Educational reform runs a close third. I discuss them in reverse order. I
believe educati...

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Facts relevant to the East Jerusalem Situation.
so the story linked below is getting a lot of play. I am not an expert, but some basic
things should be known and are never reported. The
change referred to involves the issuing of permits to build homes and
apartments on land near Jerusalem. Jerusalem ...

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It is difficult to change one's mind regarding long-held beliefs.
Milton Friedman was a genius in discussing social policy. He always seemed to have just the right words to communicate to and disarm the critics of his argument, or his proposals. An economy of expression and a master of clarity. From reading him I came to ...

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So how do you fee about President Trump?
Many Americans, myself included, will not be sorry to see the
end of Barack Obama as president. The victory of Donald Trump, arguably, owes
much to Obama’s many arrogant failures, including prominently the Affordable
Care Act (ACA), known unaffectionately a...

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Rights and Wrongs in Israel/Palestine
the wake of the recent Obama abstention in UN security council, I revisited the
Rothbard et. al. article making a libertarian case for the legitimacy for
Israel, ( here ),
I came across a debate between Jeremy Hammond and Rafi Faber ( here ).
I found thi...

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Wende Weinberg - a special person
Wende Weinberg died on Sunday morning.  Most deaths are sad and painful, but every now and then, comes along a special person who touches the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, especially the lives of children, and whose death evokes a great sadness in an ...

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Nostalgia Salon
That's me in the wagon squinting at the camera - 1963 on kibbutz Sa'ad very early in the morning going out into the fields to pick lemons. I received this in an email from my classmate Steve Lipshitz - sent to the whole class - who explains: "Amir Shertzer ...
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