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Resource for alternative energy


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Now we're talking...  Better performance, more esthetically pleasing...
New and improved solar panels could result from the discovery of a new liquid crystal material, making printable organic solar cells better performing.

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Great perspective on where we are and where we are headed.  Has to be this way or we're in trouble! 
“The price of solar has come down 99% since the mid 1970’s.” He also emphasized, “I get asked if these cost reductions will ever stop, and I have a very simple answer: NO.” Similar to the continuing price decrease of flat screen TVs (so long as there are no significant resource constraints), the price of solar is expected to continue to decline at increasingly rapid rates.
The cost of wind has not decreased quite so spectacularly, but it’s still quite significant, and the performance of wind turbines has increased measurably. The combination of the two factors has led to a 26% cost reduction per kilowatt hour of power generated by wind since 2009.
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