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Bedwetting THERAPEE
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Bedwetting THERAPEE

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Bedwetting THERAPEE

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What does your child REALLY want for CHRISTMAS?
To wake up DRY every morning. 
Find out more about Bedwetting TheraPee, because your child deserves the best!
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The #1 Bedwetting treatment

So what does THERAPEE™ offer you? 

Basically, it is a combination of the most advanced bedwetting alarm together with state-of-the-art, web-based software.
When you order THERAPEE™, you get an activation code that allows the parent and the child to start the online program.
As soon as you log in for the first time, you will meet your therapist (presented by video clips) who will take you and your child through the process until complete dryness is achieved. The whole process is done from the comfort of your home.
You will have a consultation session with your therapist every two weeks. In these sessions, the therapist will teach you and your child exactly how to use the device in the right way and teach the child special exercises to increase bladder capacity or strengthen the sphincter muscles. These unique techniques are not time consuming and will take just a few minutes every day.
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