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The Matrix RPG
Tabletop rules for a Matrix RPG that will be released at Gen Con Indy 2012 (
Tabletop rules for a Matrix RPG that will be released at Gen Con Indy 2012 (

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'Spending The whole day waiting for The world to come home' by Hayley MacMillan 

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Interview to the Architect of The UnOfficial Matrix RPG +Tre' Grisby 

+Indie+ 's +Dr Tom the Frog show does a great 9 minute piece with Tre' about all things gaming. Worth a listen to.
+Dr Tom the Frog and I talk about +The Matrix RPG ( and +Let Us Game - RPG Convention (

Video Recording ( )

This is a short interview, only 9 minutes of your time. Give it a listen. 

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Boosting the Signal. Look for a Matrix RPG game when the schedule is posted late May 2015.

+Let Us Game - RPG Convention and the creator of +The Matrix RPG  +Tre' Grisby 
We sit down with Tre' Grisby to talk game design.

I met Tre’ Grisby on purpose. I put the word out that I wanted to connect with Black game designers and a friend gave me his name. We chatted on G+ (you are following Black Nerd Problems on G+ aren’t you?). He’s new to my neighborhood, so I volunteered to…

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Fall into the Matrix

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Such a happy couple...

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touching short...

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Not all machines agree on the fate of humanity...

Great image here!

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I am sure some of the first pods looked different. Extracting energy from humans has been a process that is improved over time.

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Aethercon III is happening this weekend and yours truly is running a game for this event. If you enjoy the Matrix and want to live it for a little while join me 11/15/2014, Saturday Morning (6 am - 11 pm, PST).

sign up on Warhorn!

description below:
You have been cooped up in Zion for too long. R & R is not something you suffer well. You are a soldier who loves their job. It is time to get back on the front lines. Time to have your Residual Self Image loaded into the Matrix. In the couple days you have been away from the war you have lost comrades to the Machine hordes. They don’t sleep, they don’t dream, but they do die. You’ve seen it and you can’t truly sleep until they are all dead. Before you can carve another stone spoon Captain Sun Bear sends a message to you and the rest of his crew to suit up… We’ve got a message waiting for us in the Matrix!

This is a one shot game to introduce players to the Matrix RPG game system. Characters will be provided at the game. The only thing your PC will need is a “call sign”. If you were one of Sun Bear’s crew members what would your call sign be? The rules will be explained during the game. This is a new system that you can read up on at if you want to know more.
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