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Sylvia Hughes Olley
One of 5 siblings, but the best one... :)
One of 5 siblings, but the best one... :)
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Boy, how long has it been since I have actually sat down to blog? It's been a couple of years; at least... if not more than several months.
Here I am again.
Woo-Hoo!!!! I bet you haven't missed me. Or perhaps you have. Regardless of that, I have missed the actual therapeutic act of blogging. The "letting it off my chest " feeling is always nice.
So, here I am again. And at the risk of sounding redundant, I have missed blogging.
You all know what my past blogs have mentioned; my poor health, the constant struggle with family members (both current and passed), our camping stories, our fishing tales...
More has happened, on all accounts.
Today, just one of those topics will be mentioned...
Olivia turned 16 in February... yup, I said 16! I can hardly believe it myself. It wasn't all that long ago that I held her in my arms and sang her back to a peaceful slumber. I would kiss the boo boo's and apply the Flinstones bandaid. I would make all things better with a soothing hug and a smile...
Ahhhh, how times have changed. Now I am lucky to even have a decent (when I say decent, I mean without the eye rolling or shrugging of the shoulders and even the 'whatever 's') conversation with her. I mean, the conversations still exist, they're just further and further apart.
Yes, she still loves me... I know it because she still tells me and shows me that she still loves me.
Our love has just morphed into a different kind of love. Not an alternative reality love. It's a definite palpable love. It's just ... different.... not bad or worse... just at times frustrating and harder to show...
My girl has been through much in her short time ... she was born at a mere 27 and a half weeks, fought Grave's disease at the tender age of 3, had some learning disadvantages due to her early birth, and more recently lost most of what she cherished in a devastating and destructive house fire. So, I understand the need to roll the eyes and shrug the shoulders while muttering 'whatever's'... I get it.
I guess what I do not get is why most teens, despite their lives happy or otherwise feel the need to do them for such a long period of time. This behavior didn't just miraculously start when she turned 16. No, no, no... that behavior started when that time sucking, mind altering drug called the internet started playing a bigger role in her life.
Sure, we strive to monitor her comings and goings as best we know how... but at 16, she knows way more about the internet and it's inner workings and tips than we can ever dream of knowing...
So, with all that said, we're still fighting what feels like a never ending uphill down and out fight when it comes to the internet...
I don't know if we're ever going to be fully done. This I do know. For sure...
So, anyhow...
That's it. Next time I blog, I will try to make my absence much shorter. And maybe even talk more about that fire I mentioned earlier...
Thanks for reading.
Till next time; blog so you don't get too frustrated and feel the need to take care of permanently what a nice little blog can temporarily fix...
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Happy Halloween!
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Happy Halloween all!
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Consistently Constant
I don't have much to say tonight. Mostly, it's because I spent the better part of my fall - thus far - being sick in some sort of way.  Between the flu, bronchitis, and that mysterious stomach bug, I've been to preoccupied to even care about posting on my b...

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Three Stages of Hell (of sicknesses)
We all go through friends in our lives.  Some are there to  listen to our troubles and maybe even give some much needed advice.  Some friends are out to party like it's still 1999 and they are the ones that  just wanna get shit faced with you all weekend lo...

Waiting for summer to end is like watching someone you love slowly die from a horrible disease.  Long days and evenings of summer is as lovely to me as those around me that make me feel warm and special...

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"And I'd Like to Thank All the Stupid People"
As far as stupidity goes, and even idiotic people go, I could rattle off names of people that I not only know, but are also in my family - and we're talking both sides of my family... They pretty much know who they are. Whether or not they read my blog post...
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