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Kraków, Poland
As well as the kitsch charm of Kazimierz , the main
attraction of Kraków is, of course, Kraków – the city centre. If you’re looking
for a European city break, I would truly urge you to consider it. Although a large and cosmopolitan city, the city centre is

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This Time Last Year In Paris
This time last year (roughly) I was in Paris for the first time in my life. Ever since I was a little girl I ALWAYS wanted to learn French and live in Paris, so it's bizarre to me that I've only ever been to France twice. This school trip to Paris was such ...

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Kazimierz, Kraków
To celebrate my 18th birthday back in October, me and my parents decided to take a trip to Kraków, Poland (pronounced kra-kaw-v). Kraków is a beautiful city with a tragic (recent) history, and staying in Kazimierz (the former Jewish Quarter of the city) mad...

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The Best Places To Visit In Ibiza
When I woke up on Sunday morning to go to work, the sky was heavy and grey, sleet was lashing down on the roof and wind was blowing through the crack in my window frame. It's Britain in March.  And when the spring weather disappoints me, which it often does...

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My Summer Essentials
ASOS Beach Co-Ord. Top £25 (now £15) Skirt  £20 (£12) If I wasn't so skint at the moment I would snap this outfit up. I've had my eye on it for about 4 months now, and especially now that it's on sale, I need to get my hands on it before it sells out or goe...

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My Designer Desires
Partly due to my lack of inspiring ideas for posts recently and partly due to my champagne tastes and beer money, I thought that my lusting after expensively priced clothes would make entertaining reading (after all, what's Vogue for?) £2,245 (!) This is nu...

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Fringe Issues
I'm having some major fringe issues at the moment so I thought I'd post some tips I've found for anyone who's going through the difficult period of growing out your fringe. I loved my fringe so much when I got it, and although I'm gonna miss it, I've decide...

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