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Michele Waters
Providing Airport Shuttle, Wine Tasting Tours Packages and Private Charters in Southern California
Providing Airport Shuttle, Wine Tasting Tours Packages and Private Charters in Southern California


Executive VIP Transportation Suggest Ways To Make Travel Easier.

Easing Travel Woes during Upcoming Travel Season

The busy travel season is fast approaching and many travelers are weighing options on how best to travel. Traveling by yourself, with a young family of with an elderly relative, can be a challenge for anyone. Oftentimes traveling by air is the best choice. Everyone wants to arrive at their destination the easiest and quickest way possible.
For those traveling with young children or the elderly, flying can pose some challenges. “The best solution is to organize, plan and prepare.” Suggest Michele Waters, Transportation expert. “There are many services available to assist in your travel needs, including arranging with the airline to have a wheelchair available curbside for the elderly.” Waters continued “When you book a reservation arrange to have the wheel chair available at the curb, allowing you to breeze through the airport with ease.”
It can be a long day for young children or the elderly-and for all of the companions too. “Arranging for a car service to take you to the airport, and then to meet you at your destination-can be a lifesaver.” Waters adds. “Car Services can drop off right at the terminal travelers are flying out of, easing the travel stress.” You might consider escaping the ride share rut as a mode of transportation. Multiple stops versus a door to door service can certainly easy travel time. When travelers are in a vehicle for an extended amount of time, it will certainly add to the already lengthy day. Children will get fussy and adults will become fidgety.
Waters also suggests you print out the tickets in large print, making it easier to read. “Keep them along with necessary photo ID, in a safe, handy place, allowing for quick access while going through security and boarding. Also wear slip on shoes which will make it easier getting through security.
While on the plane, try and arrange to have an aisle seat-with the children or elderly next to the window. This allows them to view outside, and allowing you to get in and out of your seat easily.
Although you can generally purchase snacks or meals, it is a good idea to pack light snacks or fruit for the flight. Travel with suckers, animal crackers or something to suck to eliminate ears popping during the takeoff and landing.
Take along some coloring books, smaller, compact toys and a storybook to read to your children. Giving them something new each hour can be a great option - keeping them entertained.
For seniors, traveling alone or with a companion, planning ahead can make the journey safe, relaxing and enjoyable. For seniors is all about comfort. Neck pillows, blankets and comfortable clothing are essential to help make the trip easier. Make sure you take any medications that may be needed during the trip. Often, they may enjoy puzzle books, magazines or a kindle to enjoy. Elderly often need to be reassured, allowing plenty of time to get ready.
Upon your arrival, note where the nearest pharmacy and the local hospital are located, in the event that you have an emergency. Relax and enjoy the scenery. After all, we need to make traveling an adventure!
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Executive VIP Suggests Bite Size Ideas For A Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween Party Planning is in full force. Why not make this Halloween event with a twist?
What makes a Halloween party special? The scary music, soft lights, costumes and food and drink of course! Spooky ideas can make the party a real hit! Preparing small ‘bite’ size finger foods beforehand, will make things much easier, freeing up time to get things done for the big day.
Start with a festive Sangria wine. The recipe is simple. Purchase the required amount of Red wine, (generally start with your favorite bottles of wine) orange, lemon, lime and apple. Top it off with sparkling water or seltzer. Recipes are available online and this Spanish tradition will be a huge crowd pleaser. Put your Sangria in a punch bowl, surrounded by dry ice. Make sure there is enough to replenish the punch bowl throughout the evening. Have wine glasses around the punch bowl for guests to serve themselves.
Have your guests bring a bottle of wine from local wineries. Offer small samplings of each of the wines. Visit the local party store for some great party decorations and trinkets. Purchase trinkets such as small skeletal heads, tiny hands, beads or even candy corn. Have each guest vote on their favorite wine-by placing small ‘halloween’ trinket in a container, next to the preferred bottle. Make plans to visit that favorite winery for a wine tasting event at a later date!
Feature a wine glass decorating contest. Purchase bulk wine glasses-and set up a painting station. Guests can decorate their own glasses to take home with them. The kicker to this party is to plan a wine tour, for a future date. “This idea was a hit at a party I attended last year before halloween.” Michele Waters, Wine Tour expert claims. “Everyone decorated a glass that evening, which we all took on a wine tour three weeks later. We made it a neighborhood event with over twenty people attending.” Waters continued “We had our very own adult trick or treating event, taking pictures and enjoying wine country.” Waters explained. During the fall, wine country has many things going on, and the tour can be based on the fall season. Harvest season is taking place now. “Our tour company was actually the focal point of our Halloween party-we went trick or treating adult style, and it was great fun.” Concluded Waters.
If the wine tour is not an option, the wine glass decorating is a fun twist to any get together. Make sure that the glasses are signed and dated, along with the hostess name on it. This way it will be a memory maker in the future.

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Executive VIP Transportation Suggests Celebrating Father's Day With Affordable Style!

About Executive VIP Shuttle Transportation

Providing Safe, affordable Airport Transportation, Wine Tours and Charters in the Southern California area.

Top Bucket List Ideas Easy On Any Budget!

Temecula, CA, June 13, 2017 ( - Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honor Dad with something the
entire family can enjoy? Here are ideas for those on any budget. The best experience with Dad is a family experience.

Perhaps you can schedule a family Beer Brewing event. BREWBAKERS is a personal craft brewery where guests can come and brew their
own batches of beer or soda. By using the facilities brewing equipment and the techniques of the expert masters on staff, guests can
produce their own brew, or brew from the list of different ales, lagers, stouts and other specialty beers.

""Take a step back in time, and visit a local distillery. Dad can enjoy a tour of the distillery, followed up by tasting Vodka,
100 proof aged whiskey and other specialty moonshine drinks. Select a cocktail or two, made with the finest moonshine around.
Distilleries are popping up all over and are gaining popularity for those who looking for a change of pace." Waters suggests."

Michele Waters, Tour Guide Expert

For those with artsy flair, guests can also create labels, further personalizing the brewing experience. Labels would be on the very
bottles created by the group. Not a beer drinker? Then consider making soda, as well as pretzels, all designed to be entertaining
and enjoyable for all members of the entire family.

Brewing beer is a two-step process, so make sure plans are made to go back at a later date to bottle the batch. On bottling day,
consider getting transportation to the facility. Beer will be consumed, along with making some great memories. Transportation
allows for a safe, fun filled time.

Maybe the brewing is not an option-then Dad just may enjoy a brew tour! While visiting local breweries, it is suggested to order a
flight or sampling initially. This limits the purchase of an entire pint if the taster discovers that the beer does not meet
expectations. Flights are generally a few dollars for five to seven tastes. "The best way to experience a beer or brewery tour is
to hire the experts to take you." Michele Waters, Professional Tour Guide, suggests. Professional Brew Tour companies provide the
inside scoop, while getting the group to the local breweries. Brew tours are a safe, affordable option and sure to be on Dad’s bucket

What Dad does not enjoy the water? How about taking in the salty air? Rent a sail boat, kayak or power boat for the day! If Dad
owns a boat, consider renting something unusual to explore. Kayaks, pontoons, or jet skis are a fun way to enjoy the water, and
guaranteed to be a hit for the entire family. Contact local harbors for rentals. Dana Point, Oceanside Harbor, San Diego Harbor
are great places to start. Rentals are available for all size groups. Consider asking if everything is provided to enjoy the water.
Life jackets, vessel instruction, dock lines etc. Don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen and snacks. A day at sea adds a year to
your life!

Round of Golf anyone? Get challenged and take Dad to a new golf course. Check out a course he has never visited before. Offer to
drive the cart and be the caddy for a day. Start by hitting a bucket of balls to challenge your accuracy. Follow it up with a day
hitting the greens. Make sure you book a Tee Time early to avoid the heat of the day. Call in advance to make reservations.
Another option to consider is miniature golf. End the day with a cook out of Dad’s favorite grub!

The latest rage is visiting a distillery! Not for the light at heart. "Take a step back in time, and visit a local distillery.
Dad can enjoy a tour of the distillery, followed up by tasting Vodka, 100 proof aged whiskey and other specialty moonshine drinks.
Select a cocktail or two, made with the finest moonshine around. Distilleries are popping up all over and are gaining popularity
for those who looking for a change of pace." Waters suggests. Learn the process of making moonshine, from how alcohol is made.
Starting with the wort and pitching the yeast, to distilling the whiskey with a twist of history. Some distilleries are family
owned-dating back generations. Step up and get your VIP passes. Along with this destination, A safe ride is a must for this
adventure. The alcohol puts a zip in the step-and safe transportation makes for an enjoyable day.

Customize a wine, beer or distillery tour for Dad. Wine Tasting Tours are family friendly-some wineries even allowing pets!
Take in the amazing views, enjoy the vineyards, award winning wines and gourmet lunch while breathing in the fresh vineyard air.
Arrange for a private tour company, which provides a knowledgeable tour guide to enhance your wine tasting experience. Some companies
will allow personal items to be left in the vehicle, including wine purchases. When selecting a wine tour company, make sure they have plenty of storage for your belongings. Some vehicles provide a wine closet, which is temperature controlled. Wine closets are offered by companies in the latest Limousines. An important step and vital to keeping wine safely stored in a controlled environment.

Whatever the decision to cross off something on Dad’s bucket list, make sure that the entire family can celebrate Father’s Day.
Dad’s everywhere need to be honored, and what better way to show your appreciation then to spend the day with Dad making fantastic
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Rejuvenate, Replenish, Unwind With A Weekend Getaway! Temecula, CA, May 23, 2017 ( - What better way to spend quality, relaxing, fun time with your closest friends? Imagine venturing off into beautiful Wine Country, getting away from the daily grind, stress and workload. Breathing the amazing fresh fall air, enjoying rolling hills of the vineyards and reconnecting with your friends! Wine tasting is just what you need to do so. There is nothing like an escape to wine country to revitalize friendships, renew your spirit and take the weight of the world off of your shoulders. Michele Waters, Wine Tour Expert, highly recommend this amazing adventure. Whether you are familiar with wine country or are new to the scene-it will be a day you will remember for a very long time. Beautiful Temecula Valley, which is located North of San Diego and South of Los Angeles and Orange County, is a hidden gem. Boasting over 45 wineries, many of which are known for their award winning wines, are eager to make your day special and complete. Wine tasting is a great way to sample new and unique wines, allowing you to purchase your favorites to take home and enjoy later on. Waters suggests considering hiring a tour company to take you on your wine tasting tour, having professionals to drive you, allowing you to taste without the worry and enjoy every moment with your friends. “Professional Tour Companies not only know the area, they also know a great deal of information about the various wineries.” Waters suggests. Companies like Executive VIP Shuttle Transportation, offer private and personalized wine tours along with extensive information of all of the wineries. If you have a larger group, there are companies that have larger vehicles, along with knowledgeable staff. “Take companies like MVP Luxury Tours, who have limo coach buses-a great experience allowing many friends to be in one limo bus. Most importantly, these companies have extensive information on the award winning wineries-and there are quite a few. “Many of the wineries have a respectable reputation and have been awarded for having the most impressive wines.” Commented Waters "Oftentimes, we get caught up in the day to day routine, and we forget to take care of ourselves and our close friends" Waters states, "I don't think that there is a better time than having that great roaring laugh-like you do when you get together with your long lost girlfriends!"" Michele Waters, Wine Tour Expert There is nothing like reconnecting with your friends. “Oftentimes, we get caught up in the day to day routine, and we forget to take care of ourselves and our close friends” Waters continues, “I don’t think that there is a better time than having that great roaring laugh-like you do when you get together with your long lost girlfriends!” You can meet the vintners, get a first-hand perspective on how wine is produced and take in the impressive valley while sipping your favorite wine. Waters suggest you explore options for various wine tasting tours. “Companies offer anything from basic transportation, to all-inclusive tours-including tasting fees and lunch. If you live local, you can make a day of it while being picked up for the wine tour at your home. For those who live a distance away, consider getting a room at either a local hotel or a Bed and Breakfast. Splitting the cost among girlfriends will make it very affordable. Waters suggested. This special day trip or get a way allows you a load of fun while saving money allowing everyone to take wine home to enjoy later. So pack your casual clothes, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and friends and go wine tasting! Take plenty of photos to capture the memories. It will be one of those adventures that you talk about for years to come!
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Annual Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival Marks A Summer Time Fun Extravaganza Imagine over 50 hot air balloons and a great deal of Vintners available for your tasting. Not only is the entertainment the big draw, you can enjoy the Southern California Wine Country in the mix. People come from all over for this event. From Los Angeles, Orange County to San Diego-it is worth the trip. For those who do not live locally, you can make reservations at one of the many local hotels. Make sure that you make them soon as they book out early for this festival. The experience begins with the hot air balloon flights and an afternoon of wine tasting and concerts. The colorful balloons are something you won’t want to miss. Shopping will also be part of the day, with local vendors presenting their merchandise. Transportation to and from the event can be arranged through Executive VIP Transportation. You can contact them at 951 304 0412 or 877 304 0412 and ask for reservations. Booking transportation to this event will allow your party to enjoy the day without the worry of driving under the influence. It allows everyone in your group to enjoy the wine and beer festivities, while being safe. Cell phone service in this area is not reliable-so plan ahead and make reservations for transportation early! On Friday, March 24th 2017, the event begins with - Neon Friday and Rocking Wine Country Saturday lineups were recently announced by the 2017 Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival Association. The 34-year-old event returns to Lake Skinner Recreation Area, June 2-4, 2017. Neon Friday, a totally awesome Back to the 80s extravaganza includes lead singers from The Motels, Nu Shooz, Gene Loves Jezebel, Pretty Poison, Bow Wow Wow, Dramarama, and Tommy Tutone. Saturday rocks with Bush, Gin Blossoms, Tonic, Jazz saxophonist Mindi Abair & the Boneshakers. The Motels, a new wave and alternative rock band, had a string of hits from 1979 to 1987 including "Only the Lonely," "Suddenly Last Summer," and "Remember the Nights." Nu Shooz, hit its stride with songs "I Can't Wait," "Point of No Return," and "Are You Looking for Someone Nu." From across the pond, Gene Loves Jezebel's top hits in both the United Kingdom and the United States "Jealous," "Joesphina," "Bruises," "The Cow," and "Desire." Dramarama is best known for the 1985 hit "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)", which was featured on the "Nightmare on Elm Street 4." Annabella, lead singer of Bow Wow Wow will bring their biggest hit "I Want Candy" to the stage. One-hit stars of the 80s included in the lineup are Pretty Poison, "Catch Me (I'm Falling,)" and Tommy TuTone "867-5309." Saturday will Rock with 1990s and 2K bands Bush, Gin Blossoms and Tonic. Bush, formed by Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford in 1992, has an amazing string of 18 consecutive Top 40 hit singles on the Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts, including 11 that hit the Top 5. No. 1 hits include “Comedown,” “Glycerin,” “Machinehead,” “Swallowed,” “The Chemicals Between Us” and “The Sound of Winter.” As a solo artist, Rossdale hit No. 1 on iTunes with “Love Remains The Same,” which sold close to 2 million copies alone. Their latest album "Black and White Rainbows," breaks March 10th. In between recording and touring, Rossdale is an actor. Roles include 2013’s "The Bling Ring," "The Game of Their Lives," in which he had a starring role alongside Gerard Butler, and 2005’s "Constantine," opposite Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz. Gin Blossoms makes their third return to the Festival stage. A band that is always requested by Festival fans, Gin Blossoms has a slew of hits including "Hey Jealousy," "Follow You Down," "Found Out About You," and "Til I Hear it From You." The Gin Blossoms are releasing their 1990s albums "New Miserable Experience" and "Congratulations. I'm Sorry" on vinyl March 24, 2017. Tonic, formed in 1993, had two Grammy nominations, with its debut album "Lemon Parade" which reached platinum status. The single from the album "If You Could Only See" reached No. 11 on the Billboard Airplay Hot 100. Their single "You Wanted More" from the 1999 album "Sugar" appeared on the original soundtrack for the movie "American Pie." Also appearing on Saturday on the wine garden stage, are Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers. A two-time Grammy nominee, Mindi Abair has made her mark as one of the most recognizable saxophonists in the US. She was known as the saxophonist of American Idol and is also the only saxophonist to tour with rock legends Aerosmith since 1973. Most recently she received a 2015 Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for her solo CD Wild Heart featuring friends Gregg Allman, Joe Perry, Trombone Shorty, Booker T. Jones, Keb’ Mo’, and Max Weinberg. Sunday Country Funday's lineup will be announced later. The Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival features dawn hot air balloon launches Saturday & Sunday, free morning tethered rides (weather permitting), premium wine tasting, microbrew tasting, food and wine pairing, chef demonstrations and beer and food pairing, as well as a full international food court, arts and crafts, and a kids faire. Friday and Saturday evenings also feature the popular evening balloon glow (weather permitting.) DJ Pasha closes the nights out with a dance party at the Wine Garden stage. Make sure to pack plenty of sun screen for this sun filled, fun filled day! Annual Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival Marks A Summer Time Fun - May 22, 2017 - TEMECULA, Calif.

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Executive VIP Shuttle Transportation Asks Do You Know Who You Are Riding With? or Are You Being Taken for a Ride?

Careful Consideration Should Be Given When Selecting A Professional Car Service.

Temecula, California - September 14, 2016 - (

You are out with your friends, enjoying the evening-opting for a car service to provide a safe ride home at the end of the evening. The plan is to celebrate and enjoy your time with your friends, and then have a service pick you up and deliver you safely home. Great idea, if all goes as planned. The only problem is, what about the driver of that car service? Are they being monitored? Or are they on a self monitoring program? “When you hire a car service, you should be able to expect a reliable, safe ride home after an evening of celebrating” Michele Waters, Transportation expert in Southern California adds “Your judgment is impaired, and you are booking a service that you should be able to assume has procedures in place, to ensure a safe, comfortable ride to your destination, without placing anyone in danger.” Waters explains. “What you want to avoid is a service who allows their drivers to self-regulate.

Anytime you arrange transportation, it is up to you, the passenger, to make certain that you are not putting yourself in harms way. When is the time to decide when you are riding with a good qualified driver? The answer is before you start your trip.” Waters continues “There are various degrees of responsibility with car services. Whether it be airport transportation, night on the town, or wine tasting. Generally every time you enter a vehicle, you need to be assured that the driver is not impaired in anyway.” So how do you guarantee that she asks? You do some investigating prior to hiring them. “Educate yourself before you venture out with your party. Make sure that, within your state, the company is licensed and properly insured. Google the company name followed by problems or complaints.’ “The time to discover that you are out of luck by a catastrophic injury, is not after the fact. God forbid something should happen, you need to know that the risk has been minimized’ Waters explains. “Having the proper license and insurance is only the beginning. “Additionally, you need to call the company you are considering hiring, and discuss what procedures are in place for training and monitoring their staff.

Statistics show that hands on training, behind the wheel road test, professional driving instruction and back ground checks eliminate many problems-steps that some companies do not take. Take Executive VIP Transportation, they have not only essential training in place, they are involved with random drug and alcohol testing by an independent third party. “At any given time, a request can and will be presented to the driver to take a drug or alcohol test-to ensure that they are not under the influence” Waters adds, “also, if someone is suspected of being under the influence, the company will require that individual be tested, prior to beginning their shift”

Properly run companies will also do pre trip inspections on their vehicles, including safety inspections, to make certain that the vehicle and the equipment is operating properly. “Companies such as Executive VIP Transportation will ground that vehicle for a minor flaw, it something is discovered during a pre trip inspection.” Waters adds. “One of the best ways we have found to avoid potential problems, whether with drivers or vehicles is to be proactive in our policies and process. “By being proactive, I mean taking the necessary steps to work with individuals who are respectful of their duty and responsibility to drive as a professional. Certifying our drivers through a professional driving course-such as Smith System Certification-is part of that process. Waters adds, "there are resources in each state that regulate and monitor transportation companies. It is worth the time and effort to make sure that the company you are considering hiring has not been suspended or revoked. This process starts with googling the company name” Waters continues “your life is in their hands and it is crucial that you arrive safe to and from your destination. I have heard so many horror stories, over the years. Companies that do not assess their drivers, resulting in them driving intoxicated (even prescription drugs) to vehicles with bald tires and no brakes. If the price is really low, you need to question why!” Waters concludes. Proper practices and maintenance take resources-cheap in not always a good thing.

“Additionally, Ask questions about hidden charges and surge pricing. I would question the company who cannot provide a firm price, prior to booking. There should be no reason that a reliable company will not provide a price at the time of your request.” Waters states Local owned companies often know their clients personally. They have a personal relationship with the drivers and therefor often times can request specific drivers. “Some ride share companies are loosely regulated and clients rarely, if ever, ride with the same driver because of the turnover. “ Waters suggest “dealing with local companies equates to hands on ownership, because those companies rely on repeat business. When hiring a car service, your safety is in another individuals hands. Choose that company wisely. Your life depends on it!"

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Temecula, California - September 14, 2016 -

Fall is in the air and the wine country grapes are bursting with ripeness! The vineyards are anticipating the ripe bounty of harvest. Part of that experience is the annual grape stomp! An event that, if you have never experienced , you need to add it to your bucket list! Michele Waters, Wine tour expert in Temecula Valley states “the grape stomp is festive, fun and messy! “ Waters continues, “ There is nothing like the joy of climbing into the barrel and stomping grapes to your hearts content. Laughing, cheering and overall great times are had by all when you take part in a grape stomp!“

Selecting the proper clothing is crucial for a good time. Waters explains “wear shorts and loose fitting clothing. Slip on shoes are the best-you will be barefoot. Keep hands free so that, while stomping,balance can be maintained while crushing!”

The grape stomp happens annually at harvest time, and oftentimes wineries make it a special event-that is usually very organized for guests enjoyment. “Of course, drinking wine is a big part of that” Waters adds “to make the most of the day or week end, visitors need to have reliable transportation, guests will be tasting some great wines and driving for this event should be avoided.”

Waters suggests hiring a professional who has the knowledge of the vineyards, and the surrounding area. Take Executive VIP Transportation, they provide safe, affordable rides for the grape stomp, as well as wine tasting tours. “Professional drivers who can navigate safely around wine country is paramount” Waters adds. “Tasting guests want to avoid getting behind the wheel and certainly do not want to be pulled over” An experience that can be not only unsafe, but costly too.

So what do they do with the juice after you stomp? “Generally, the stomp is set up for the fun and experience, no need to worry because it is not made into wine!” Waters notes. The juice returns to the soil. The event is set up for the experience, certainly it is not the way the wine in produced!

After the completion of everyones crush stomping enjoyment, the wineries will provide a clean up area, where visitors can wash up, and put shoes back on. “One memorable thing to do” Waters adds, “is to purchase some wine from the winery of the event, particularly one of the grape that have been stomped” “The next time that bottle of wine is uncorked, it will make for great conversation at the dinner table!-A Crush that will not soon be forgotten!"
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