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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
How can I get rid of the automatic paragraph indentation?
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Glad to help! Sometimes Scrivener commands are in ... interesting places.

And I think that is a shortcut I created for own use. I like the Courier Prime font, and I use the shortcut to reformat my older works so they are easier to read.
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Philana Crouch

Shared publicly  - I need to write in a form of Markdown and use Grammarly to check my grammar, punctuation, and style. Will the various syntax interfere? Should I write the text first, use Grammarly, and then go back and format in Markdown?
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
Both my Dad and I use Scrivener, I use it on the Mac and he uses the Windows version. His copy of Scrivener saves projects as a folder, and we can’t seem to set it up to save in a way that he can send me a project.

Does anyone know how we can change this?

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The Mac version saves as a folder too, but the Mac hides it from you. The .scriv is the same for both. The easiest way for him to send you a copy of his projects is to go to File>Back Up>Backup To and choose his desktop or something and make sure the zipped option is checked. Then he can attached the zipped file to an email to you.
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Is there a way to import websites or does that have to be done on the desktop and synced over?
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Ah, okay. I didn't catch that (obviously). If you were to print to PDF and save to Dropbox or iCloud Drive, you could import directly into the iOS version. I just tried it from Dropbox and it worked perfectly.

I love Pocket too!
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
With the release of the iOS version of Scrivener does anyone see this replacing Evernote or other apps?

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I have used Evernote and Scrivener for years. I would not use Evernote for the things for which I use Scrivener nor vice versa.
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Are there any plans to create an iOS version of Scapple?
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I have not heard whether this is planned.

I know that there are plans to make an announcement regarding a major (as in costs money) upgrade to the desktop versions of Scrivener but how long it will be before this is announced, I do not know.)
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
FYI in case anyone has been wanting to purchase Aeon Timeline 2, Cult of Mac has it on sale for 50% off for the next 6 days. Here’s the link:
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+Niran Sabanathan Some of the best tutorial videos on Aeon Timeline 2 that I know of can be found in the first few Google search hits at
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
Not specifically Scrivener, but I'm looking for a bibliographic citation program for Mac that also has an iOS app that will generate footnote citations when I'm writing in Scrivener for iOS. I've looked at Sente, but can't find a way to get footnotes to copy from their iOS app to Scrivener for iOS. I also can't get it to stop duplicating the title on the desktop version for some citation styles. EndNote is too high priced for me, I mean I remember when it was $99 which isn't cheap, but now it's way beyond that.

My primary desktop digital library does automatic footnotes (but not in their mobile app), I would use a desktop citation app for Kindle books or other books. But I currently can't easily get properly formatted citations quickly when writing on iOS. 
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I'm not a Scrivener expert. Bookends works smoothly integrated with Nisus Writer. My solution would be to have all the references in Scrivener, even on footnotes, then export to RTF. When in RTF format, Nisus processes the references very effectively.
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
I’m looking for a good bibliography program for the Mac that works well Scrivener. Preferably one that has a mobile app so I can access it when writing there.
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Also check out these guys.
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Are there any websites that have textures for Scapple?
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I would also love to see an answer to this. I should note that at one time a chalkboard texture was made available. When I implemented it, I found so many problems associated with it that I now NEVER use it. Some of them were:
1) The use of colors is quite problematic due to the black background. A few colors on black show up fine, but many others don't show at all.
2) I don't know how I eventually did it, but it literally required months to replace it with the default, or any others.
3) Perhaps it has been fixed, but I've not seen any fix.
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
Is there a Markdown Preview plug in for Scrivener?
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Not a Plugin, but the marked 2 app should work:

PS: how is your markdown workflow in Scrivener?
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
Is there a way to split a document and have selected material to go into the synopsis?

I'm a QA tester for a software company and sometimes I get a list of bugs or features to test in a document. I ended up splitting each issue, creating the status options I needed and using the cork-board with stamps to mark things off. I had to copy info to the synopsis because I could usually get the entire description to be visible in the card. If I just let Scrivener grab it from the document it cuts off part of the info.

This would save me some time in the future.
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+James Shewmaker I agree, I also use Scrivener to get materials gathered for classes I teach at my church as well as work, so it's also a general problem. I work for a Bible software company.
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