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Are there any websites that have textures for Scapple?
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Philana Crouch

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With the release of the iOS version of Scrivener does anyone see this replacing Evernote or other apps?

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I have used Evernote and Scrivener for years. I would not use Evernote for the things for which I use Scrivener nor vice versa.
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Philana Crouch

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Is there a way to split a document and have selected material to go into the synopsis?

I'm a QA tester for a software company and sometimes I get a list of bugs or features to test in a document. I ended up splitting each issue, creating the status options I needed and using the cork-board with stamps to mark things off. I had to copy info to the synopsis because I could usually get the entire description to be visible in the card. If I just let Scrivener grab it from the document it cuts off part of the info.

This would save me some time in the future.
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+James Shewmaker I agree, I also use Scrivener to get materials gathered for classes I teach at my church as well as work, so it's also a general problem. I work for a Bible software company.
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Two helpful keyboards to use with Scrivener for iOS:

Markdown Keyboard by Lau Brothers LLC

This still allows the Scrivener buttons to be visible.

TextExpander + Keyboard - type faster with personal abbreviations, share everywhere by SmileOnMyMac, LLC

Great place to put templates you might want to use in multiple projects but not copy over.
Type with an extra row of customizable macros and shortcuts **in any app**. It's possible with the one and only Markdown Keyboard. ------ Preset macros let you: • Insert MD link syntax • Insert MD pictures syntax • Access common MD keys like * - # • Datestamp in 1 tap • Timestamp in 1 tap • Move the cursor via keystroke Plus, you can customize your own, unlimited number of macros. One keystroke can produce any combination of characters that you c...
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
Still need to finish the journaling, but I had so many pictures of my cat Ari. Even from when he was a week or two old.
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So precious! She's a cutie!
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
My first Project Life layout using the Jade Edition Kit. It's about why I started Project Life. 
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What a fabulous way to start your Project Life album! 
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Philana Crouch

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Is there a Markdown Preview plug in for Scrivener?
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Not a Plugin, but the marked 2 app should work:

PS: how is your markdown workflow in Scrivener?
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Are there any plans to create an iOS version of Scapple?
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I have not heard whether this is planned.

I know that there are plans to make an announcement regarding a major (as in costs money) upgrade to the desktop versions of Scrivener but how long it will be before this is announced, I do not know.)
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Philana Crouch

Templates  - 
Has anyone found a good template to help orient people to a new job? Like a how-to-manual?

I've recently started a new job, and the person actually doing the job had left the company for a new position before I started. So getting me oriented and set up has been a bit hectic. I wanted to take what I've learned to help others save time in the future.
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Build it as you go - how such a template would be built depends on the type of job and assignments involved. Scrivener is a joy for structuring information, as you can drag 'n drop as well as compile freely.

I normally use a mind map in connection with Scrivener, but I have not needed a template for it - as the layout in Scrivener is different for almost all applications I do. Putting a template in, can even hinder my creative flow, so I seldom use them, apart from blogging or using my own templates when repeating certain writing projects...
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Philana Crouch

Shared publicly  - 
Darrell Bock makes this great point in the NIV Application Commentary on Luke 8:22–25. It truly comes down to who Jesus of Nazareth is. 
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
This video by Heidi Swapp on handwriting and journaling is wonderful! I found her suggestions on different types of pens helpful.
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Philana Crouch

Discussion  - 
I did this layout documenting my first experience voting in a new state. I also did a second page I won't share without photos, but that had some of the major ballot measures, how I voted and why. Great way to document how you think about issues. 
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Love how you used the Americana for a voting topic!  I look at this kit and think "4th of July".   Nice use.
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Teaching, negotiating, Bible study, researching, writing.
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