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How can I get rid of the automatic paragraph indentation?

FYI in case anyone has been wanting to purchase Aeon Timeline 2, Cult of Mac has it on sale for 50% off for the next 6 days. Here’s the link: I need to write in a form of Markdown and use Grammarly to check my grammar, punctuation, and style. Will the various syntax interfere? Should I write the text first, use Grammarly, and then go back and format in Markdown?
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Not specifically Scrivener, but I'm looking for a bibliographic citation program for Mac that also has an iOS app that will generate footnote citations when I'm writing in Scrivener for iOS. I've looked at Sente, but can't find a way to get footnotes to copy from their iOS app to Scrivener for iOS. I also can't get it to stop duplicating the title on the desktop version for some citation styles. EndNote is too high priced for me, I mean I remember when it was $99 which isn't cheap, but now it's way beyond that.

My primary desktop digital library does automatic footnotes (but not in their mobile app), I would use a desktop citation app for Kindle books or other books. But I currently can't easily get properly formatted citations quickly when writing on iOS.

Both my Dad and I use Scrivener, I use it on the Mac and he uses the Windows version. His copy of Scrivener saves projects as a folder, and we can’t seem to set it up to save in a way that he can send me a project.

Does anyone know how we can change this?


I’m looking for a good bibliography program for the Mac that works well Scrivener. Preferably one that has a mobile app so I can access it when writing there.

Is there a way to import websites or does that have to be done on the desktop and synced over?

Are there any websites that have textures for Scapple?

With the release of the iOS version of Scrivener does anyone see this replacing Evernote or other apps?

Is there a Markdown Preview plug in for Scrivener?
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