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A good friend of mine is doing commissions. She's pretty good at what she does and sometimes streams her work. Check her out and maybe buy a drawing or two. She's good.
Updated my commission sheet! Go check it out and reshare!

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Stream of a good friend​. Fur art and stuff. There's a voice chat thing there for talking but there's also text if that's your thing.

does anyone actually follow this account anymore

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Reminder that this page is dead. Go to +Nikolai Mikhaylov.

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lol why tf do people have me circled i dont eevn post anymore are you guys still hanging on the possibility i abandon my alts and come back for you?
cuz thats stupid

How do I still have 1,027 followers?

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O-oh god no. Why would y- How could you ever think this was a good idea?
Spongebob in 3D is a terrible idea. He's a flat drawing.

People who slap kids are no better than murderous maniacs.
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