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Paul Sherlock
Fitness enthusiast and Nutritionist in training!
Fitness enthusiast and Nutritionist in training!


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You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!
The same is true of people, you can take them to the gym but it does not necessarily mean they will work hard, and you can give them all the diet advice they need but it does not mean that they will follow it. Whilst it is nice to see people who are dedicat...

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A few gym bag essentials!
I thought I'd share with you a few things I always ensure I carry in my gym bag. For me, the gym isn't simply a place where you can go in with just a tshirt, shorts and trainers. To get the most out of each workout you have to be prepared for every eventual...

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Is It Really New Year New You?
...or will you slip back into old ways come February 1st? The secret is to not go completely cold turkey from the things you enjoy, and don't go mad and try to change everything all at once! Small changes week to week, month to month and staying consistent ...

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Cobra Labs- Shadow X
As a fan of Cobra Labs The Curse, I was intrigued when I heard that they had released a new pre-workout supplement Shadow X. Having compared the ingredients in the shop between this and a few other pre-workout supplements that I am yet to try, it seemed tha...

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Over indulging around the festive period?
So summer has been and gone, the clocks have gone back and we only have 8 more weeks until the dreaded C word. Yes, winter is well on the way and many will fall foul of saying "just one mince pie can't hurt" and then regretting eating the whole packet. This...

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Total Warrior UK- Lake District 01/08/2015
I have always wanted to do an adventure race, and with total warrior being out of the rugby season it gave me the perfect opportunity to experience one. Looking back on the event, all I can say is it was brilliant. If someone asked me to run it again tomorr...

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What is wrong with the word "diet"!?
Often you will hear people in the office talking about "this new diet" they've heard about. 5/2 Atkins Herbalife Juice Plus Paleo Raw till 4 C9 No doubt you have already heard of a few of these, if not all of them! You have probably even tried one or two of...

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Promixx Vortex Mixer*
Having seen these bottles at the Bodypower Expo in Birmingham back in May, I was delighted when I was contacted by Promixx to review the shaker. This powerful electric shaker, which features a specially designed blade, appeals to the secret couch potato tha...

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Spotting. What, Why and How?!
This one does not just go out to all the heavy lifters out there, But also the occasional gym go-er. This advice could pretty much go out to anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time. Have you ever been in a quiet gym, minding your own b...

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Sci-Mx PRO2GO Caramel and Vanilla Bars
Over the past few months, having being on a cutting diet to reduce bodyfat, I have become obsessed with protein bars. These have allowed me to still have a 'treat' yet also remain commited to my macros. The bars that I have been most impressed by so far are...
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