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More Gerrit Maintenance

Continuing with Gerrit Cleansing 2017 campaign, I disabled Github author as it causes too many problems (multiple accounts under one email with different accoint uuid, causing problems when adding someone as review) I am asking everyone who ever logged in via Github author to please contact me via email ( with your gerrit username(s) and email address and note which one you would like to KEEP.


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The Tragedy of a Server Upgrade

In effort to maintain our openness and transparency to the community, below is an in-depth explanation to the catastrophe that was the gerrit server upgrade several nights ago.

I've been spending more time working on server maintenance lately than on device maintenance or ROM work; my most recent project was to upgrade the gerrit server to the current stable Debian release. Not being a part of the initial Gerrit installation, I spent a brief time (that is a literal 'brief', meaning I didn't spend as long as I should) investigating the server I found that daily backups were created and uploaded off-server for safe keeping for the entire gerrit directory structure, database, and project config. In my haste I failed to verify the integrity of these backups to ensure that they were complete and explicit of EVERYTHING related to gerrit, or even that the scripts functioned properly after several years. Going ahead with the update, our database server was replaced with a newer release, therefore removing the old database clusters (no problem, however, as we had database dumps that could be easily restored).

After rebooting into the newly upgraded system, I came to find that even after restoring the database AND our gerrit file structure from the most recent, reliable upgrade we had (02/28/2017), I was unable to restore our Gerrit user groups due to common problems between our choice of database server and Gerrit. This loss of groups also meant no one had Administrator privileges regardless being a member of the Gerrit Administrators group. Eventually I was able to regain administrative privileges withuch help from +Erik Castricum​ through directly modifying the gerrit project configuration. Ultimately, this turned out to be a non-issue as our gerrit needed a deep cleansing anyway. I rewrote our backup scripts to be explicit and full database dumps, and our Gerrit file structure is backed up using a handy technique with tar I learned from +Tom Marshall​. We are currently recreating all user groups and reinstating Maintainer privileges to those who had privileges before with help from +Humberto Borba​. At this point in time, Gerrit functionality is now back to normal.

Gerrit and certain database servers have common issues (you can find instances all over Google about it) that we encountered after upgrading our server's Linux distribution. Gerrit is now fully functional and more intricate backup methods have been instated and thoroughly vetted in a testing environment to ensure this doesn't happen again. This was a good learning experience, however, and I now know more about Gerrit than I should like 😎

Sincerest thanks to +Erik Castricum​ for helping me to regain administrative privileges for the admin group and +Humberto Borba​ for helping with group and permissions reinstatement, as well as everyone else for their patience while we got everything back up.

-- Jake (jakew02)

Gerrit will be back from maintenance in the next few hours. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy your break 😎

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Custom Omni sounds!
Just a small teaser!
Thanks to +Vincenzo Mario Cristi we will get a set of nice custom sound contributions. As of the moment he has contributed 3 ringtones 2 alarms 1 notification sound and a new low battery system sound. More will come in the future.

Will try to include them into tomorrows build

Anyone using Project Fi here? Few questions for you that may lead to fixes..

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First official oneplus3 build has landed
Who has the balls to try it? :)

Unified build for op3 and op3t.
Make sure you run OOS 4.0.2 firmware and latest TWRP 3.0.3 before flashing this

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Callout to the creative ones out there!
We want to add some more Omni flavour.
So we ask YOU to contribute wallpapers
and header images to make the world more
Omnified 😀

shamu build:

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