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L2Naiad Server (Reopened 15/05/2013)

Safe enchant : +8
Maximum enchant : +18
Normal scrolls : 75%
Blessed scrolls : 85%
Naiad scrolls : 100%
Maximum buff slots : 44
Maximum dance/song slots : 16
Total buff slots : 60+4
Buffs/dances/songs duration : 2 hours
Custom scheme buffer, with the ability to store 60 buffs (44 buffs, 16 dance/songs) on each scheme
Elemental System enabled. Maximum element level : 7

Multiple currency system : adena , apiga, golden apiga, knight epaluette, glittering medal
Command .deposit : Automatically will turn your adena to goldbars
Command .castlemanager : Brings up Sieges' menu. (for clan members only)
Custom GM Shop
Custom aio multifunction NPC
Maximum subclasses : 3. (No quest is needed for adding a subclass)
Subclass/Transformation skills obtained from custom NPC
Free Nobless from aio npc. 

Champion mobs enabled
Custom Leveling Zone
Custom Farm Areas
Custom Starting Packages (Armors, jewels, consumables)
Custom Teleporter
Custom Raid Boss Area
Custom Grand Boss Area
Custom PvP Area {Flagged}
Epic Bosses Areas
Customized System Message Engine
Olympiad period : 2 weeks
Castle Sieges : every week
PvP Color Name depending on the amount of PvP count
PvP Reward System
Godess Of Destruction Armors, Jewels, Weapons, Cloaks

Custom Events every hour
TvT Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Raid Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
CTF Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
DM Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Custom events from online GMs

L2Naiad PvP Server > Staff Members

     L2Naiad Creator & Game Developer
     Server & Forum Administrator.

            L2Naiad Administrator
            Forum Administrator.

     L2Naiad Head GM & Game Developer
     Forum Global Moderator.


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