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Do Parrots Name their Babies?

Research on green-rumped parrotlets, Forpus passerinus in Venezuela showed that parents give each nestling a unique sound, or "name", which becomes their signature call. Vocal recognition may be important so that parents can take care of their own fledglings after parrot families begin moving to communal foraging and roosting sites.

Video:  #ScienceEveryday  
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Perhaps I should now consider Parrot names for our new addition.  
Look at ALL those pin feathers! 
Elsa F.
Wow, I never knew parrots were such parental animals.
So cute, it reminds me of my sun conure bird when he was little and wet after a tiny bath. Especially  when he drinks water and ends up trying to wash himself.
ahhhh I have one of these... so loud...hahahahahah
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so cute
He is so cute, can I have one. Please.
Be cute Like a boss!
Animals may not have physical vocal cords and abilities to speak like humans, but that doesn't mean they aren't smart or unable to communicate with their loved ones
so cute and wat kind of bird is it?
i wonder what bird tht is. i luv the big eyes:) 
Welcome to our dry planet!
Hello how are you doing today my name is Richard and what about you??
erna Oh
aww looks adorable!
Ceci M
Why not?  We are all from the animal's kingdom
Baby pionas.. looks like my polly. :-)
Joy Jun
Looks interesting... And cute ^.^ :)
Am I the only one who thinks it's face looks weird? With all those things sticking out.
9.9 I want a bird sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!! Why won't my parents let me get one!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
my aunt raised cockatiels, they are so sad/cute when they still have the feather shafts. Their gullets would get so full after their feedings you could see their round bellies. Spiky little vulnerable babies, and they'd make the most heartwrenching sounds when they were hungry. They were fun to hold in towels and keep warm.
At this age they look like something you should garnish a salad with, but still adorable. 
Kat Mac
Where's my feathers???
kim moo
he looks like he's smiling!
Wonder what kind of parrot this is. Quaker? Conure? Cutie!
Akila J
so sweet...... cute pic
i would love to call them all by using their names myself. how nice it will be!! i am very much thrilled with information. thank u.
Parrots are unbelievably cuddly and emotionally relational animals. I have two of them and have been around animals my whole life and find no more love, greater than bird love, in the animal kingdom.
Also it makes perfect sense they name their babies, as they recognize all kinds of human tones, like, "no" and multiple nick names, plus I can discern what they are feeling and what exactly they want or need from their very specific vocalizations. I once had a parrot I was babysitting for a friend, refuse to get back in her cage, I told her very firmly to get in and used her name. To my shock, she looked at me and said, "No!" It freaked me out! Not only did she understand what I said, she wasn't mimicking, she had language!
yes i agree i have a african gray parrot and she is very cuddly with me and my son
ibon man may layang lumipad! :))
aan joy
i like it...?
Hello How are You doing today My Name is Richard And u??
Sweetest little baby parrot. I have a parrot her name is Rosie very smart she is.
very very nice...
Awesome info! and the pic is very cute too!
sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 i know why mexicans whistle...(its 1/2 mexican)
creepy but very cute .... it looks like it is smailing 
+Imogen Walker wat do u mean ew ? huh >:( when it grows up it will be like a flower a beautiful flower got it >:(
calm down!!  im pretty sure i didnt have feathers and a beak
no thanks !! there is a freedom of speech here in australia so if i think a bird is ew it's ew!!
What a character! Oh so cute. And, naming your children like we humans do... hahaha  that's so cool!
stop sayin BAAKAA u r creeping me out!! jeez
it is looking so innocent and looking for a good life on earth
looking so nice @beautiful
Thanks for the information,very interesting. Nice baby parrot.  +NATURE 
nature is like agod when looks nature its gives smile on our lips
We have them as pets,in the states. Very nice parrot to have as a pet. +NATURE 
I had two parrots, both were hand-raised and lovable.  I lost them in the divorce, yet I think of them often.  Maxie was the first one, said HELLO, and screamed when she was hungry.  But, our second one, Bailey, was a double yellow (considered the best talker after the African Grey).  We met a couple who raised him from an egg and it wa fascinating to watch him grow.  He looked just like this at one time.  He talked just like me.  People would think I was in the house when he started talking or singing.  I miss them a lot.  But, they are a great deal of work and they live a long time-most about 60 70 years.  Think very hard before you get one.  SORRY TO GO ON AND ON--CAN YOU TELL THEY STILL ARE A PART OF MY HEART IF NOT MY LIFE.
Name him "Rio" for the heck of it.
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Aw! How cute and I don't think mother parrots name their babies but it would be cool if they did.
Zzzqqqwswwwşşsssşđfcçajaow noq
exotic, magnificent creature.
why is its hiar on the face like pricks or scales, reptile memory? It looks cool
that is so cute and i have a perrotkeet ik i spelled that rong but he is sooooo cute
It does not surprise me at all. These birds are so intelligent!
so funny and cute n_n
I love you .im sinaalikhosh.ilove your name
+Lynn Marie , I didn't mind your story at all. Actually,its one of the most intellectual and interesting posts here.
Its to bad you don't have your birds anymore. I know they become part of your family and I'm sure your house is much quieter now without them. I have an african grey and boy can she talk. I could go on for hours about her intelligence. Just wanted to let you know i appreciated you sharing your story. Thanks
it's sooooo cute don't know how you captured that, i wouldn't be able to let it go
im sina alikhosh29yers.ilove your name
that so cool i think the lil feathers i guess they look like the spikes well anyway they look like rose thorns 
hai spike baby........................
i can reserch on that bird soso cute: )
happy valentines day in advance ....... all my friends......
I believe they do name their babies.  Not Joe or Sally or Pete, but in parrot talk, I think it's one way they identify one another.
i do too i love the spikes and the color 
nor am i,

 i will ahve to do my research
Because i like narture, nature is all around u i like nature its awesome
and cool
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