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Lenticular clouds

Are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, normally aligned perpendicular to the wind direction. Where stable moist air flows over a mountain or a range of mountains, a series of large-scale standing waves may form on the downwind side. If the temperature at the crest of the wave drops to the dew point, moisture in the air may condense to form lenticular clouds. Pilots of powered aircraft tend to avoid flying near lenticular clouds, but glider pilots actively seek them out. These clouds have been offered as an explanation for some Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings... ( :

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What are those golden rings ??
Jo Crow
These pictures are amazing!!'s so great !!!!
Its like looking at pictures from another world ..... beautiful !!!
Awesome cloud formation!! I have only lately come to know that clouds can take such amazing shapes!! Thanks to G+.
That's a alien ship??
Wow, beautiful! Looks like we live on a PLANET :)
yeah this is pretty cool,i dont think it explains most u.f.o's though!
its a space ship coming to eat us alllllll!
Thank goodness for Photoshop! Ha!
nice pic , may be little modified on graphic soft ware, but very impressive
The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!!

Cool clouds, though :-)
Zim Guy
These PICs are amazing absolutley gorgeous
¿por qué razón se forman este tipo de nubes sobre las montañas empinadas?
Great way to start the day, looking at these pics!
What?? Amazing. NO wonder some people believe in UFO's.
words can't come close to describing the true awesomeness of that
Wow, two lenticular clouds, one above other... Indeed seems like two UFO making baby-UFO ;P
trully an amazing nature woRks....;)
^ I agree. if we only we can see more of this beutiful work
WOW these clouds are super cool ......I'd love to see this in person!!
HARREP Technology Disturbing the Environment.
This Cloud are not build naturely its Created with HARREP Technology.
Please search on Harrep.on Internet...
Amazingly cool pics, especially in case they are not digitally mastered....
i love the view how tack this photo and where is it
wow....................awesome pics..........and the photographer whose shoot it
What a spectacular assembly of lenticular clouds. I am a pilot and I have never seen a lenticular cloud in person, but have always feared them.
This photo will makes 4 a good day!!!!!!
beautiful photos of a rare phenomenum
Impresionante, bello y majestuoso......
It is extremely fantastic!!!
please send this to the news media very nice pictures... i recommend cnn i reorts
wow! never seen one in my whole life yet!
fantastic skies. reminds me of the time traveling in Argentina and Chile. was amazed by these round shapes.
hello how are you nice earth pictures
Hello :) I live right beneath Mt. Rainier and I see these clouds all the time. Thanks for sharing your pics!!
Wowow awesome pic buddy
Wow! Too Cool. I have a new desktop theme!
I feel, there are more things unknown to us in our world itself than our imagination can perceive. There is a pattern in everything.

Thanks for the inspirational photograph which allows our minds to delve into the different levels of reality.
Gracias mi amigo están espectaculares.
There is nothing more beautiful or amazing than nature.
its truly lovely photos, keep it up
No UFOs, perhaps. But life on other planets? Almost certainly.
Thanks for sharing this with me! I saw this sometime over the summer and I had no idea what it was!
i need to be told this this is not the good works of Photo Shop!!
Very Interesting thank you. I had never heard of Lenticular clouds .
Omg, how glorious!!! <3
that shot is beautiful goes to show the awesomeness of our great creator!
Amazing and beautiful phenomenon. The shapes are fascinating.
I would be sure I was seeing a space ship...truly hoping it was one!
Awsome, thnx to picture capturer, I beleive he loves nature so he/she takes it for future witness
That is a great picture and it is very intersting
The beauty nature creates everyday, never ceases to amaze me. I Love this awe-inspiring beauty.
James D
What a nice mountain you have there.
This is plain maginicent.....shows us the true power of nature...and gives me a new research project!!!!
absolutly amazing too good.great work,this is art.
I knew a pilot once who thought the sound of "alto cumulus stacking lenticular" clouds is poetic.d I think he was on to something.
this is so beautiful and it would be a even more beautiful place if you was there, gazing at it, while on your first date.. Just saying...
Yep, those are the ones that abducted me...
if someone could tell me where humans came from first, then maybe i could believe in aliens. the photos r incredible though
this is an amazing beauty of nature.....
Excelentes imagenes, que maravillosos es nuestro hogar... impresionante y maravilloso, sin palabras¡¡¡
fantastic,marvellous ,you designed my taste,but i can't meet you.
thanks a lot.
Lem Ur
They really look like UFO. Photos are fantastic, thank you
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