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Spoke to Dragonfly TV today. It seems I have been shortlisted to appear on their new TV Series, Guess the Relative. I may get a chance to fly over to England, be culture shocked and meet new people. Sounds like fun!

I woke up this morning and realized I was an asshole. I hate it when that happens...
Today, for the most part, I am just going to hide in my room. Tomorrow I will attempt to conquer life problems again.

DDO, you are starting to suck up my life force, but darn it, my guild is so close to getting that airship!

Watched "Black Death", starring Sean Bean, with hubby last night. It also had Percy from Black Adder as part of the Pagan Village. Man, I want to live in a Pagan Village like that. Well, minus the disemboweling of Christians.

I'm thinking about being productive in the house today. Just maybe... :P

Still not use to Google+ and still mainly on FB. Dam social media. Why can' we just have one and stop switching to new ones every couple of years.

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