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Freedom of Information on the Internet
Freedom of Information on the Internet


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Internet Freedom is still important!

SOPA was killed in the US Senate, again! Yay! 

Should we restart up the internet freedom page?

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit was very active in the campaigns to fight SOPA, CISPA, and PIPA. 

Alexis Ohanian will be interviewed by +Euro Maestro
on Wednesday at 11 am Eastern

Watch Alexis Ohanian live this Wednesday, Ask your questions

If so, who wants to be active in the group, managing pages etc.? 

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If you are looking for alternative entertainment in #blackmarch , this site is a greate source for some classical movies, Legal and Free!
How wonderful that there are great movies that can be watched and downloaded for free perfectly legally!

Wie schön, dass es möglich ist, tolle Filme auch vollkommen legal anzusehen und herunter zu laden!

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Some good advice about how to stop #Facebook from tracking you across the internet. #Privacy is always a concern.

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Photo from #F25 in Vienna. Thanks +Susanne Ramharter
Stop ACTA Demo in Vienna on Feb. 25th - beautiful weather, great atmosphere.
The sign says "Leave our Internet alone, or we'll take you fax machines"

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BBC's Take On Pending ACTA Court Ruling
#ACTA #EU #Court

Via +Euro Maestro and +Shauna Myers

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In Germany, pensioners are protesting against #ACTA today. They do so because they helped to establish the free and democratic societies after the two world wars and do not want those achievements and rights to be diminished by #SOPA, #ACTA, #IPRED or any other new agreements.

via +Susanne Ramharter

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Good to see that all are equal before the law....... (aren't they?)

#France #HADOPI
How deliciously ironic. ... and what a good example of how easy it is for (presumably) good-intentioned people to stumble into "illegality" with both existing and proposed copyright legislation.

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25. Feb 2012: Anti-ACTA Proteste in Österreich / Anti ACTA Protests in Austria

#ACTA #F25
Für eine offene Gesellschaft
Heute finden in Europa wieder Proteste gegen ACTA statt. Informationen über die Demos sind hier zu holen:

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Throttle No More
#InternetFreedom #Throttle #ATT
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