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Point Roadknight Beach IV, Victoria, Australia

I'm slowly gathering a nice collection of images from the Point Roadknight Beach area along the Great Ocean Road. This ones been sitting on the computer for nearly 3 months and I've finally had a little spare time to process it. I love the graphic nature of the pylons in contrast to the softness of the sea and sky and the overall feel of the image.

Technical details:
I recently started adding some technical details to hopefully help others with some basic information but have rethought this a little. I'll try and avoid brands as it's all about the image, not gear.

Camera - an aging 7 year old 10MP one but it still works
Lens - semi-pro 18-24mm f/4
Filter - a 10 stop ND
18mm equivalent on a 35mm camera
100s exposure

Three used;
one - for raw conversion,
two - for basic greyscale conversion
three - for all contrast layer masks and gradients

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