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Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery
Online gallery for the finest fine-art photos - only the best will make it here.
Online gallery for the finest fine-art photos - only the best will make it here.


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A beautiful contemporary architectural photo of the Hancock tower in Chicago by +Kris Vockler please comment on the original post shot during the +Vision Explorers workshop. A favorite.
The Song Should Be I Left My Heart In Chicago

Chicago #2 - Chicago Long Exposure Series

San Francisco, I love you, but Chicago has captivated me in all the right ways. From the people to the architecture, I can not get enough of you. Granted, I rarely see you in your cold winter months. 

Besides learning a few new tricks in how to see architecture and process long exposure shots, I wanted to use the workshop to produce my first fine art black & white series. In the complete series, my intention was to create a place of awe in size. Very much influenced by the aesthetic of mystical places, grunge, and steampunk; I wanted to create a massive place of beautiful lines and light. The remainder of the series will be posted over the next few weeks.

This series was shot during the +Vision Explorers Chicago long exposure workshop. A fantastic four days with +Joel Tjintjelaar, +Julia Anna Gospodarou, +Sharon Tenenbaum, and +Armand Dijcks.

*This is my entry for the contest from the workshop, +Daniel Portal.

I will write more about this later, but a special thank you to +Julia Anna Gospodarou. For the last six months, she has been mentoring me on not just long exposure architecture but developing my own style and weaving in my past love/studies in art, to my photography work. The result of the last six months has been profound on my artistic progress. -Thank you Julia.

Also, a nod and thanks to all the great people I met on the trip who influenced me by how they see the world (please go see what they produced from the trip): +Ajit Menon, +Mabry Campbell, +Swee Oh, +Dena Sanders, +Rod Clark, +Angie McMonigal, and all the others. Also, thank you for your critical eye +Andrew Webb

If you like this, share it, please.

+Monochrome World  #monochromeworld  
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A favorite artist of this gallery. Please comment on +Nathan Wirth 's original post.
tree & clouds

... infrared
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A beautiful and subtle city scape by +ReD Ognita - a favorite. Please comment on the original post.
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Back from a long but very needed break. But back with one of the most spectacular skyline shots from Chicago, shot during +Vision Explorers architectural workshop in September by +Mabry Campbell using the very neutral +Formatt-Hitech IRND filters, more specifically the JT Signature edition kit - Just look at the photo and enjoy!
meant to be viewed large

What a great location to view the Chicago skyline from the Planetarium, looking back over Lake Michigan. Taken one morning with +Vision Explorers a few weeks ago.vA sunrise trip out is always a good idea. This is a 3 portrait orientation image stitch panorama, taken with a TS/E. I am extremely pleased with the ND results from the +Formatt-Hitech new ProStop IRND filters used in this series of long exposures. They're the best on the market in my opinion, practically no color cast, great detail...bye bye B+W, you've been lapped (a few times)!

+Vision Explorers is having a new workshop in NYC in April. Sign up for the workshop and stay informed at Sure to be another great experience for those working tirelessly to take their fine art images to "the next level". Don't miss it.

#Chicago #photography #bwfineartle +Joel Tjintjelaar #plusphotoextract #10000photographersbwmonochrome +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome #cityscape #longexposure
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A classic beauty - just love the tonal quality of this. Please comment on the original post by +Bill Allen 
Spent part of the day reworking some older shots for a local harbour cafe, who have kindly given me some wall space.Thought I'd re-share this one with you.
For  +FineArtPls     #bwfineart   #bwfineartle  by +Joel Tjintjelaar  
For +BW DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSIC STYLE #swdpcl  #swdpcl   #swdpcl   #swdpcl   #swdpcl   #bwdigitalphotographyclassicstyle  by +peter paul müller 
For +Coastal Thursday     #coastalthursday  by +David Polzine   and +Jon Kahn 
For +Landscape Photography      #landscapephotography  by  +Margaret Tompkins   +Carra Riley +paul t beard  +David Heath Williams +Bill Wood   +Jim Warthman  +Ben T   +jeff beddow  +Tom Hierl   +Vishal Kumar    +Michael Blyde        +Carolyn Lim +Jay Gould +Steve Gould 
For #amazinglandscapes  by  +Rolf Hicker 
For +All Things Monochrome    #allthingsmonochrome  by   +andi rivarola 
For +Monochrome Arty Club   #monochromeartyclub  by +abhishek chamaria +JR Snyder Jr +June Penn +Seth Mayer +Steve Tang 
For +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome    #10000photographersbwmonochrome  by    +Robert SKREINER +dietmar rogacki 
For #PlusPhotoExtract  by +Jarek Klimek 
For  +Breakfast Club    #breakfastclub  by   +Gemma Costa  
For  +LongExposure Thursday  #longexposurethursday by    +Francesco Gola +Luca Gerardi 
For +1212Scenery    #1212scenery  by +Alycia Miller 
For #thirstythursday   #thirstythursdaypics  by    +Giuseppe Basile +Mark Esguerra 
For   +PixelWorld   #pixelworld  by + +Alberto Carreras 
For  +Promote Photography     #promotephotography  by +Nikola Nikolski +Gittan Beheydt +Milena Ilieva 
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A beautiful architectural photograph, a favorite. Please comment on the original post by +Chris Soukup 
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A great LE image by +Jamal Alias - I love the mood created here. Please comment on the original post.
From Afar Study III - Protector
This is the final for my series. Enjoy! :-)
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A favorite. Please comment on the original post by +Julia Anna Gospodarou 
Ode to Black - Black Hope II – Anima Black
Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco  - Architect Daniel Libeskind

Another addition to my Black series and the darkest and most difficult to work with so far, because of the dark tones and the limited range that I decided to use in my processing, but also because of the complexity of the volume and the fact that whatever light and shadow you see here is created from scratch according to my vision for this object. The building is one of the highlights of San Francisco and is in fact an addition to the museum, but is so impressive that it is drawing all the attention to it once you reach the square in front of the museum. The structure is cladded in dark-blue diamond shape steel sheets which can be astonishingly bright in the sun, but looking very dark and melancholic if the weather is overcast. 

The most challenging when taking the shot was to find the best angle, the one that would tell what I intended it to tell and finally this angle was what you see. The space in front of the museum is narrow and long and finding a spot where you have open view to the entire volume, as well as an interesting composition is really difficult. But there is always a solution if you want to find it. So, what I did was to  find my solution  But I had to pay a price for it. Even if there were some other angles I could use with less cluttered background, the building itself wasn't “speaking” to me in any other way so what I had to do was to take this photo as it is but remove the background that was a high-rise building totally oppressing the delicate volumes of the museum. Meaning I had to shoot the building and the sky separately and reunite them in post. So, what you see now is quite far from reality, but as you know by now, I am not driven by the intention to mimic reality in my work, on the contrary, I'd say that I try to “run away” from it and present my own reality, even if what I create is just slightly resembling the real world. This image is one of the closest to this “alternative reality” concept and to the concept of “(en) visionography” that define my work and they  illustrate  it perfectly.  What you see is my ideal proposal for this space and building, a perfect image of it as I envision it in my mind. Also an image that can be a piece of the puzzle in the story that my Ode to Black – Black Hope series tells. More about the concept of the series with my next image that is coming soon.

 Processing wise, this image is again one of those which could be considered typical to illustrate the technique I'm using when processing, the “photography drawing” technique. You've heard me talking about this before quite a few times but I've never went into details because I wasn't really considering it a technique for a long time. It had a slow evolution but recently I realized that I'm every time doing the same things even if I don't search for this and I like to experiment as much as I can. But somehow I always end up doing the same things, more or less and having consistent results. I think I should talk more in depth about this sometime soon, but I can already tell you a few things about it.  The roots of this technique can be found in  +Joel Tjintjelaar's  processing techniques  that I became familiar with somewhere in the beginning of my long exposure journey and that gave me ideas for a lot of other things (here's s link to Joel's most recent video tutorials ) and is also based on my former drawing  background and the skills I've gained while practicing it making drawings of buildings for quite a long time in the past. What I basically do is to use the principles of drawing in black pencil on my images, changing the light balance in the image to suit my vision and intention.

As usually, in an attempt to keep this short, if you want to read more about the processing of this image or ask me anything you can head over to my site for more  If you are curious to find out even more, I will have to make a more in depth description at some point. Let me know if you would want this. 

Technical data: 286.0 sec. (for the sky), 1/60 sec. (for the building), @ f/11, Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 ED AF-S DX @ 10mm, ISO 100. Processing: LR4, PS CS6, NIK Silver Efex Pro 2_

On September 5-8 I'll be in Chicago with a great team of fine art photographers teaching a Fine Art Architectural Workshop. Join us to learn everything about this kind of photography! 
Also, join me for private workshops and online mentoring courses  
You can find limited and open edition prints of this image on my site. Don't forget I have a 25% odd promotion for limited edition prints at the  moment.

#ArchitecturalVisions   by +Joel Tjintjelaar  & me, #BWFineArtLE   by +Joel Tjintjelaar  #PlusPhotoExtract   by +Jarek Klimek  #MonochromeMonday   by +Manuel Votta  +Steve Barge +Nurcan Azaz  +Jerry Johnson  +Hans Berendsen 

#fineartarchitecture   #blackandwhite #juliaannagospodarou #longexposure   #blackandwhitefineart  
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+Nathan Wirth is one of the masters and it shows in this photo. Please comment on the original post.
Lots of great spotlights and interviews over at my eZine.  Why not visit, sign up for the updates, and enjoy some fine visuals and good reading.  Yup ... meanwhile, here's some fog surrounding the Seal Rocks in San Francisco. 

+Sandra Parlow  mentioned that a link would make this a much easier endeavor:
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More brilliant work from +Simos Xenakis > keep an eye on his work, he's on his way to the top. Please comment on the original post.
Heracles The Gatekeeper
Arcadia Beach State Park, Arch Cape, OR

Here's Heracles The Gatekeeper, the third photo from my series titled "Among Gods." Like the other images in the series, this shot was also taken off the coast of Oregon last month.

The techniques I'm learning in +Joel Tjintjelaar's B&W masterclass are really enabling me to think creatively about what my final result looks like. I feel that I no longer have bottlenecks in putting out an interesting image. The class is nearing an end, but these are tools I'll carry with me for the rest of my life/career!

See the progression of my series here:
Among Gods (leading image):
Hermes The Messenger:

And now for the themes!
For Black and White Fine art Photography  +FineArtPls    #bwfineart   #bwfineartle  by +Joel Tjintjelaar    
For +BW DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSIC STYLE #swdpcl  #swdpcl  #swdpcl  #swdpcl   #bwdigitalphotographyclassicstyle  by +peter paul müller 
For +Monochrome Monday  #monochromemonday  by +Jerry Johnson +Hans Berendsen +Steve Barge +Dominique Hilbert +Martin Heller and +David Orr      
For +Mountain Monday  #mountainmonday  +Michael Russell 
For +Landscape Photography   #landscapephotography  by +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +paul t beard +David Heath Williams +Bill Wood +Jim Warthman +Ben T +jeff beddow +Tom Hierl +Vishal Kumar +Michael Blyde +Carolyn Lim +Jay Gould and +Steve Gould   
For #amazinglandscapes  by +Rolf Hicker 
For +All Things Monochrome  #allthingsmonochrome  by +andi rivarola    
For +Moody Monday  #moodymonday  by +Carole Buckwalter +Annelies Kroen and +Philip Daly  
For +Monochrome Arty Club  #monochromeartyclub  by +abhishek chamaria +JR Snyder Jr +June Penn +Seth Mayer and +Steve Tang   
For +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome    #10000photographersbwmonochrome  by +Robert SKREINER and +dietmar rogacki   
For #PlusPhotoExtract  by +Jarek Klimek    
For +Breakfast Club    #breakfastclub  by +Gemma Costa     
For +1212Scenery    #1212scenery  by +Alycia Miller    
For +PixelWorld   #pixelworld  by +Alberto Carreras 
For +Promote Photography  #promotephotography  by +Nikola Nikolski +Gittan Beheydt +Milena Ilieva  
For #hqspmonochrome  by +Luis Vivanco  +Johnny Minor and +Dennis Freeland  
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