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Jeff Whitlock
Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co.
Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co.


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List of Tips on How to Succeed in College from My Time at BYU
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to more fully embrace "the paradox of giving." I am an avid note taker and record about anything I ever think, learn, or desire to do in Evernote. Overtime, some of my notes take life and become a repository of knowledge ...

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Is today's drop in the unemployment rate good news? Hardly. Actually, it is pretty bad.

For anyone wanting to get a better understanding of how the unemployment rate is calculated, please read my blog post:

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A little/ a lot late, but I'm finally getting to things I missed during my engagement ...

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This is diverting ...

I really do wish that more people used Google+ ...

You should watch this. It's a little long but it is amazing and explains one of my passions in life.

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If you are new to Google+, so basically everyone, this is a pretty good article that explains some of its basic features and some of the concepts behind why it's setup the way it is.

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