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Rinat Asaet Acuña Sanchez

I made a bad judgement with one of my start up partners.  He lacks knowledge in his area of expertise.  His position and role qualified that of an employee, but how can i tell him he is no longer a partner in the company.  The business is still in the planning stages and has not been registered.  I would be most happy with any comments.

I was wondering if there would be someone interested in helping me write a curriculum for spanish speakers learning english. I currently reside in Mexico and am giving English classes based on my knowledge of the English language.  I want to get more serious and want a curriculum that they and i may follow.  How can i go about this?

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lol duhhhh
Watchout your step please...'s hurt...
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mmm....NO INTERNET....pfff you're screwed then lol

Wow....esto si que es mucho trabajo :/ ya me duele la cabeza jajaj....pero ya esta tomando forma :)

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Ems first year...
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I do what i do for you are my inspiration.
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