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Myth Busted

It seems that not all fat men are jolly.  Yesterday I was walking down a sidewalk and this big ball of a man came ambling by.  He was round enough that I thought I could push him down a snow covered hill and create the world's biggest snowball.  Mind you this was a full width city sidewalk and not one of those narrow suburban walks.  I did my best to avoid him, walking sideways, but our shoulders touched.

Then the row ensued.

He flipped around faster than I thought was possible for a fat man to do and inquired with a raspy voice as if he had smoked ten cartons of cigarettes that day what my problem was.  His tone was not a friendly one--  I would describe it as hostile.

Calmly explaining that I did my best to avoid him as he was waddling down the middle of the sidewalk did not alleviate the tense situation.  Then I appealed to the rules hoping that this hippo of a man appreciated the unspoken but holy rules of encounters.

I said, "While you have a big belly, you do not have a beard.  I have a very big beard and the beard always has the right of way."

He felt shame and tried to make restitution by offering me his first born child.  No deal.  I just held my head up high and my beard walked me away.

True story...
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Da Beard always wins. LOL!  Good one!
Hahahaha.... Funny story, Geof... I thought he was going to knock you down and sit on you......
Bahaha! Excellent ..serves him right ..he needs to understand beard etiquette.. Move outta the way when the big beards are around ..ha!
Tim S
Thus it was written, thus it shall be!
Except there's the second part of the holy rule:

the girth shall inherit the earth because it is big, and can squash the beard.
Tim S
Well +Tim Shinn you have all bases covered with your epic beard and your substantial girth.  Use your power wisely Tim.
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