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Regarding Hananya Naftali And A Disturbing Report About Him
In a Facebook group of which I'm a member, the group moderator shared a video of self-professed Jewish Christian and survivor of terrorism Hananya Naftali speaking at a UN Security Council Form. Someone objected to the sharing of the video on the grounds th...

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Happy 3 ⅓-Gregorian-Year Birthday, Reilly!
Despite that both Reilly and "Momma" are only getting older, and that "Momma" has a cold (or RSV) , Reilly's bittersweet (or at-least-bittersweet-for-"Momma") milestone day  was a good day (at least for Reilly. For "Momma", it wasn't an unusual day—החיים, ז...

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Anti Semitism Came From Outside Of A Hartford Cemetery....And Then There's The Anti Semitism In Luzerne County's Cemeteries
I have living and late relatives who were and are (including ones who currently await the Resurrection Of The Dead) in Madison and Norwalk, and all of us are B'nei Anusim. Besides, for example, I don't know where some relatives who weren't Anusim ended up; ...

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Mostly Offbeat: "Momma" Now Has A Cold & One More Impediment To Being A Better "Momma" To Reilly
"Momma" thinks that contributing factors include exhaustion , the affect of  uncertainty regarding what a certain someone wants —especially as both she (at 27.5 Gregorian years old today) and Reilly (at 3.33 Gregorian years old on Tuesday) are getting only ...

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Again, Reisilicita? Once Again....
Reilly attempted to knock Camille off of "Mom-Mom"'s lap , for all intents and purposes—understandably, Camille growled at Reilly (although "Mom-Mom" thought that Camille was growling at her for rolling her over on her back. "Mom-Mom" had to convince Camill...

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Like Stealing Food From A Puppy...Oh; Wait. And An Incidental Note
After Reilly and Camille had their evening "num nums", enough wet food for them to have a little extra food (or dessert or whatever one wants to call the leftover food) was left in the recently-opened can. As happens at every other time when a new can's bee...

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Throwback Thursday: When Reilly Tried To Knock Camille Off Of "Mom-Mom"'s Lap!
That Reilly wants something when she wants something is well known, and also well known is that Camille usually ends up getting the brunt of Reilly's "I want it, and I want it now!" antics. So, that Reilly attempted to knock Camille off of "Mom-Mom"'s lap d...

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More Memory Monday: The Photoshoots That Inspired The Concept For Reilly's And Camille's Bastille Day Cards
Photoshoot One, July 13, 2017 Photoshoot Two: Le Jour de La Bastille de 2017

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Memory Monday: July 4th Card Photoshoot With Reilly And Camille
By the way, excuse "Momma" for not smiling much 🙄—"Momma" has OCD/Anxiety that makes smiling for pictures very hard to do!

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My New Book, "Chayei Chaya": Pre Preface
Pre Preface (16 Tammuz 5777) This
is actually my second book, and I'm releasing it while I'm working on the
current ones. I admit that my writing is far from perfect, and I wrote much of
this when I began to go through a heartbreaking and confusing time in ...
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