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Murphy On The Death Of Connecticut’s Insurance Industry
A Republican American story notes, “A
top Democratic lawmaker is sponsoring legislation to raise the state sales tax
from 6.35 percent to 6.85 percent to help cities and towns.” The top Democrat lawmaker is, of course, President Pro Tem of the State Senate

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A Looney Bill: Reinventing Connecticut
Now that Democrats
have reclaimed the castle from marauding Republicans, State Senator Martin
Looney is flexing his considerable muscles. Looney is the President Pro Tem of
the State Senate and, as such, is one of two important gatekeepers steering
bills th...

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An Conversation With Peter Wolfgang
“The act of
defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice”
--  A Defense of Humilities, The Defendant, 1901,  G.K.
Chesterton Small “o”
orthodox Christians of a certain age will be familiar with the cardinal
virtues. They ar...

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Malloy, The Sanctuary Governor
“We are continuing to work with and await guidance from the
appropriate federal agencies on screening measures that will be taken. With
that said, if refugees – many who are children fleeing a horrific war-torn
country—seek and are granted asylum after a ri...
Malloy, The Sanctuary Governor
Malloy, The Sanctuary Governor

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Connecticut’s Trump Bump And Culture Reinvention
While Connecticut Democrats were busying themselves thumping
President Donald Trump during the recently concluded elections – the state’s
all Democrat US Congressional Delegation would not shed a tear if U.S. Senator
Dick Blumenthal, Speaker of the US House...

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Attkisson On Transactional Reporting
Journalism, we are told, is suffering from two ailments:
Fake news – some of the boys and girls are just pestiferous ideologues – and
transactional journalism. Of the two, the more fatal is transactional
journalism, because it perverts the very purpose of h...

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The Republican Resistance, Themis Klarides
Themis Klarides, the leader of a much reduced Republican
contingent in the Connecticut House of Representatives, is fair-minded, but not
the sort of woman who will suffer fools – and, more importantly, political
frauds – gladly. She may allow two strikes, b...

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Hartford Is The Canary In Connecticut’s Mineshaft
to a story in a Hartford paper , the city’s mayor, Luke Bronin, a
rising star in state politics, “declined to comment on the dispute” between
Hartford teachers and their nominal patrons, the Hartford Board of Education.
The dispute is about contra...

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Liebowitz On Juvenile Crime And Punishment
The letter below was
written by Michael Liebowitz in response to a previous letter written to Wethersfield
Chief of Police James Cetran. Liebeowitz is the author, along with Brent McCall,
of “Down The Rabbit Hole” reviewed
in Connecticut Commentary nearly

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The Spending Firewall Has Collapsed
CTMirror notes in a recent story
that minority leader in the state House of Representations Themis Klarides has
voiced her concern often enough that “when Democrats expanded their lead in the
House and regained control of the Senate — that the majority is g...
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