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The Malloy Hot Mess
Way late, lame
duck Governor Dannel Malloy has discovered that the distribution of state
funds to educational districts in Connecticut is " a hot mess .”  In the Republican non-
partisan budget that passed both Houses of the General Assembly recently, the m...

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First The Veto, Then The Discussion
“First the verdict, then the trial,” says the Queen of
Hearts in Lewis Caroll’s “Through the Looking Glass.” First the veto, then the discussion, said Governor Dannel
Malloy following a Democratic Party reversal of fortune. After being shunted off to a dark...

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Clinton’s Lost Friends
Political friendships, as we all know, are not long-lived.
They usual end when he political clock runs out and the favored politician,
putting active politics behind him, enters into history. Hillary Clinton time
as an active politician – one who may run fo...

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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Wee, sleeket, cowran,
tim’rous beastie,  O, what a panic’s in
thy breastie! – “To A Mouse,” Robert Burns Democrats, it should be obvious from the numbers, have been
losing their grip for a while. The State Senate is now split evenly between
Democrats and Re...

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Signs Of The Times
“I have become a
socialist. I love humanity, but I HATE! people” --  from Aria
da Capo by Edna St. Vincent Millay Headlines in Connecticut papers continue to show Democrats
falling through the rabbit hole into their own progressive Wonderland. Headline: “So...

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A friend In Need
We often think of news people cold-heartedly “making a
record,” as they say, of our misery and tears, “pushing a microphone in my
face,” as one harried survivor of Hurricane Harvey put it, rather than lending
a helping hand, as any ordinary mortal might do....

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The Great Compromise
The Great Compromise will compromise everyone but
Connecticut’s lame-duck Governor and an insensate Democrat dominated General
Assembly. A front page, top of the fold headline in a Hartford paper blares,
“ Time For Compromise ,” and a sub-heading trumpets, ...

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Columbus And The New New World Of Anarchy
On August 21 st , the  Baltimore Sun reported  that a monument to Christopher Columbus had been vandalized by vandals, a perfect word to describe the members of  Antifa,a group that claims to be anti-fascist   but does not scruple to employ the methods of f...

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A Sense Of Urgency Sweeps Over Progressive Flim-Flam Artists
It was predestined to happen: Democrats suddenly are animated
by a sense of urgency. Writing and passing a budget at the termination of
Connecticut’s fiscal year on June 30, presumably with Republican legislative
support, was not urgent because the deal con...

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The Sale Of Governors
I can’t imagine how
you can think philosophy and wine are similar—except in this one respect, that
philosophers sell their learning as shopkeepers their wares; and most of them
dilute it, too, and defraud customers — Lucian, “The Sale Of Philosophers” The D...
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