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My Simple Skincare Routine
In a beaut y post about a year ago I mentioned a gel cleanse r I was in love with and how it made
my skin do a 360 and since then, it continued to be a pretty decent romance.
About a month ago I ran out of it and when I got to my regular vendor. They

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How To Make Turtlenecks Look Cool
turtlenecks are considered a winter staple but seeing as we don't have winter
on this side of town,  I'm thankful these
days they come in all kinds of fabrics that make them wearable all year round.
I think they're pretty nifty but I also know a ...

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A Date With Cornucopia x Garden Party
About a week ago, I had two firsts. I was working my first event and I was attending my first blogger event. It was an entirely new experience. Asides from my family and a few of my friends, peoples responses when I tell them I run a blog or that I'm a blo...

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Hi guys, I have a new post up on the blog where I talk about dealing with finances post graduation and a few tips I've learnt

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Smart Money, Savings and Financial Woes
recently read Smart Money Woman By Arese Ugwu and it definitely helped me work
on handling my finances a lot better during my last months in school and right
now in my life I need it more than ever and I've had to go through it several
times over to final...

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Life Lately: Dealing With Insecurities and Loving Myself
The other day
someone asked me why I'm so self obsessed on Snapchat. I took a great deal of
offense to this and now looking back, I'm not sure why. I'm nowhere near being
a narcissist so I won't say I'm obsessed, I'd rather say, I'm in love with
myself. I'm...

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Hey, new post up on the blog where I talk about my current love for triple denim. Please check it out, maybe leave a comment

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Mastering Triple Denim
When I think of
triple denim, I think of Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake's 2001 red
carpet moment and although I was huge fan of their outfits, I didn't blame the
trend per say, I blamed the, because, I don't think you can ever go wrong with
basic den...
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