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What is life like as a caregiver? Find out today as caregiver Angie takes over the Alzheimer's Association of Northern California and Northern Nevada's Twitter account.
Today is a special day on Twitter for us as Angie, our family caregiver blogger has taken over the account! You can follow along on our blog (see post below) or visit and search hashtag #lifeasacaregiver  If you are a caregiver yourself, please post parts of your day to the hashtag as well. 
#endalz   #caregiver   #caregiving   #caregiverstress   #caregiverrewards  

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He's got a lot to say...
Donate today at

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Please share this week's Friday Fact: Where in the world is Alzheimer's?

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September is World Alzheimer's Month! See what celebrities have to say about joining the global movement to END Alzheimer's.

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Inspirational read...
"I read the story from her perspective as a woman who lost her mom to Alzheimer’s and suddenly the big decision all makes sense."

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I am participating in this years Walk to End Alzheimer's, please support me with a donation today. Even donations as small as $10 could help me reach my goal:

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As promised, here is a behind-the-scenes look of filming our Walk PSA with +San Francisco Giants  manager Bruce Bochy before the Dodgers game this past Saturday.

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To worry about your daughters getting Alzheimer's is truly awful...
"I was reminded by my daughter recently at a family gathering that the possibility of Alzheimer’s in her life is always present in her thoughts. She said to me "When I reach 50, you will be 75 and we should throw a really big party for both of us… if I don’t have Alzheimer’s!” How sad and how frightening is that?"

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Could alcohol be bad for your brain? New research presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference finds trends in alcohol use and cognitive decline. Read more here:

Would like to build a circle of nonprofits. Please add and share with others as you see fit. 
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