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Easy Ways to Control Anxiety
Anxiety Control No matter how much anxiety you suffer from, life
still continues. However, you need to know the easiest ways to control your
anxiety so that you can continue to live your life and prosper. Remember that
there are many people who suffer from ...

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Depression in Teens
Depression in Teens It
is not uncommon for teenagers to feel unhappy occasionally but when the
unhappiness continues for over 2 weeks, and the teen also shows some of
the other symptoms of depression mentioned above, then we can say he or
she is sufferi...

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Anti-depressant Myths and Facts
Anti-depressant Myths and Facts Anti-depressants are very addictive. No.
Anti-depressants are not like nicotine, alcohol, or tranquilizers. They
do not require frequent increases of dosage to maintain any effect.
Furthermore they do not make their users ...

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Natural Cure and Programs for Destroying Depression
Natural Cure and Programs for Destroying Depression If
you have depression you can feel vulnerable but you are certainly not.
In this post, I discuss natural treatments first before discussing
treatments with prescription drugs because from my research I...

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Anxiety in Children and Young people
  Anxiety in Children All
young people and children get anxious from time to time as they grow up
because it is a normal part of their development, and they must develop
the skills they need to survive face challenges in their own world.
Furthermore, th...

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Types of Depression, Symptoms, Warning Signs and Effects
Types of Depression, Symptoms, Warning Signs. There
are different types of depression. I want to you to understand the
different types and how they overlap so I will explain each of them in
detail one after the other: 1. Major Depression  - This is commo...

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A food Lifestyle for Preventing Depression and Anxiety
A food Lifestyle for Preventing Depression and Anxiety. The
best and healthiest diet for preventing depression,anxiety and weight
gain is probably the traditional Asian diet. We can even look at it as
the Asian food lifestyle and not just a diet. Obesity...

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What Are The Causes of Depression?
Depression, also called Major Depressive Disorder ( MDD ), is more than just a feeling of guiltiness, sadness or
unhappiness. It is a systematic problem that results in unstable emotions,
gloom or torpidity. From my personal researches and experiences, I di...

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Anti-depressants What
exactly are anti-depressants? They are a class of medications that are
purposely produced and designed to alleviate or relieve the symptoms of
depression. Types of Anti-depressants. There
are various types of anti-depressants in th...

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Depression Myths and Facts
Depression Myths and Facts Depression will go away on its own. Although
for a few individuals depression may fade away slowly by itself without
treatment or medication, this is not usually the situation for most
people! If not treated, depression in most...
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