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Shawn Drape
A Christian web developer who focuses on making it easy for university professors to move data around.
A Christian web developer who focuses on making it easy for university professors to move data around.
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Is there anything one can do to make a String natively iterable, such that you could use it in a for loop? I'm finding this to be a curious omission in the language.

Had to stop following +The Globe and Mail​. Liked their articles but the Google+ comments are completely asinine and unmoderated. 

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This is a large departure from Dart's previous stance of "we're unsound and proud!". Don't think it will affect the language's popularity one way or the other, but it does continue pointing to the team's about face on their previous goals for the language.

Makes you wonder if Dart 2.0 should ever exist, or if the new version should be called something else entirely...
Sound Dart and strong mode
As of the 1.19 release, Dart supports an optional mode, called strong mode , that supports stronger static typing. Strong mode helps you find bugs sooner and contributes to making Dart a sound language. To learn more about using strong mode to enable soundn...

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This would be a way more valid criticism if the podcaster could track which advertisers each listener used a promo code from. 
Recent pet peeve.

Podcasters that complain endlessly about being tracked on the Internet. And then endlessly asking their listeners to use special "promo" codes during their commercial break so that their advertisers know where the sales come from.

#promocode #trackingcode #tomatotomahto

Is there a way to get desktop notifications for Google Reminders without keeping Google Calendar open?

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Awesome, stickers! Just what I needed to send to all zero of my contacts using Allo.

(Stickers does not a platform make)

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On the one hand, I'm extremely frustrated that Android Pay still isn't available in Canada and that it's being beaten by single purpose apps.

On the other hand, I'm super grateful that the platform is open enough to allow companies who care more than the OS provider to pick up the slack. If this was Apple delaying releasing their payments solution, we'd be SOL.

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#Muzei or bust
Beautiful photos for your computer and phone

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