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Isn't it ironic that the best ROM for a mobile phone has a website that's completely not mobile friendly?
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+Matt Lively  it'll increase your rankings in Google as well ;) #seo   #googlealgorithm  
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Ze'ev G

Galaxy S III Family  - 
+3.9 was great on battery life... But 3.10 is terrible... Very little deep sleep...
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Such wallet
Many wakelock
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Ze'ev G

Discussion  - 
Looking for a nice SMS app. It must have pop up with text entry and option to use Roboto slab. Hello SMS is nice but pop ups sucks and cannot distinguish between my messages and receive messages. Textra is nice but not really holo
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Hoverchat (formerly ninja sms)
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Ze'ev G
Anyone know when next version will be released?
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Discussion  - 
Is there any way to reduce the delay before the volume slider popup goes away when changing volume? Takes too long for me
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Ze'ev G
+Pete Kemp Thoughts so ... but I agree with +Raymond Wong ... too complex. And it messes up my status bar clock.
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Is there anyway I can stream google play music all access from my android device to my Roku 3?

I tried allcast but it does not work. And the interface on nowhere music is terrible.
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Rob A
+Ze'ev G it will not cast from phone/SD card music, I understand. but why not just put that device music onto Google music and problem solved...unless you have reached your 20k song limit.
And the bad interface is better than no interface?
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Ze'ev G

Feature Requests  - 
It would be great if we could choose fonts, like Roboto Slab
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Dev is trying to keep EvolveSMS quick, which means simple. This option is available in Sliding Messaging Pro, though. Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice, but I think there's heavy consideration before new features are added to EvolveSMS.
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Ze'ev G

Discussion  - 
Question: on an old 2008 imac with 3gb of RAM... Which version of OSX will give the best performance?
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