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Steve jobs also thought android was a stolen product though and raged "thermonuclear war" against google because of it.. (and by the way steve jobs was a glorified salesman not an inventor he stood on the shoulders of giants and told everyone he was tall and sheeple believed him) RIP Dennis Ritchie you were a true genius and are missed
Hmmmm. I think if Samsung's lawyers presented the second picture during the litigation, they might have won the case. :)
Apple... profiting from stolen ideas since 1976.
It simply means that Apple Ideas are not great, and Apple is against stealing not-great-ideas
+Tim Albano They wanted to. Judge Koh threw it out because it would hopelessly bias the jury show the truth too glaringly.
W Aden
Apple has been patenting the obvious and laying claim to common ideas. That's stealing and prevention of progress.
Steve actually said that in 1994, not '84.
I like how the filename is wow.jpg
Also, I think they have different names for a reason. But then agoin, Jobs was still bitching about Android when he was alive, so...
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