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Chris Tallent
Loving life and the people in it!
Loving life and the people in it!

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Comparison is an act of violence against the self. It sets it up in the ego that I need to do something about my authentic being, which God already did.

Take a look around you. What you attract is what you currently are!
- +Danny Chambers

Sometimes I think God teaches us at a pace that allows us to survive the impact of the transformation.
- Pastor Jack Hayford

If you want things done, got to be willing to do it yourself. Truth is, most people don't believe in you because your dream is not theirs. Stay in it to win it!

Put the past behind you and take the risk!
@AdonisLenzy #oasisfan

If you won't take the time to write down your goals, how in the world will you find time to accomplish them?

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@MrIsaacChambers, @AdonisLenzy, @TattooPreacher, @CHRIS__CHAMBERS, @dannychambers are rocking it at @ @oasischurchtv

Good Body Everymorning! What Beautiful day!
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