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Matthew Diehl
Analytics - Organic Search - Data Driven Strategy
Analytics - Organic Search - Data Driven Strategy

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Just tuning in to listen to the show.
Live now: #asot Madrid
A hangout impression:
(and see the screen on the background of the livestream below)

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Is Sampled Data Sent from #GoogleAnalytics Goals to #AdWords?

I got an interesting question from someone on Twitter today and wanted to share the answer: 

@justincutroni If data we get from Analytics is a sample. What happens when we import conver. from Analytics to Adwords? Sample Conversions?

Google Analytics sends UNSAMPLED conversion data to Google AdWords. The sampling only happens in the user interface in order to generate a report faster.

Hope that helps.

#measure   #marketing   #analytics  

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Great post and screenshots on valuable Knowledge Graph results

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Are the speed improvements worth messing up every webmaster's data?

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Just created a page for my SEO, link building and analytics blog.

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This will be very interesting to see what happens...
Hey gang - would love your help with another Google+ test. This time, to see whether Google+ shares and +1s alone can push an already ranked site/page higher in the search results.

For a target, I chose which currently ranks #16 in the US Google results for the phrase "vintage scooter helmets." Please do share the link below and +1 it, but DO NOT link, tweet, FB share, LinkedIn share, etc. We're hoping to try earning just Google+ metrics and watching if the rank rises for that phrase.

Thanks for the help! We learned a ton from the prior tests and hope to learn from this one, too :-)

Question for anyone on G+ this AM: Is there a way to take the Share ability with me when I leave G+? A Chrome extension or FF add-on yet?

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Yeah this worked out great for sooo many other companies! Haha!
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