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Valiance Online
A free to play "living world" superhero MMO!
A free to play "living world" superhero MMO!


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Investor Alpha is live!

Email for help with website, forums, or donations.

Server Status:

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We're doing final testing and preparing to load the patch onto the servers. Will update people how the upload is going.
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After the latest tests we decided to upgrade the servers and are now running our last tests... When finished we will be releasing the patch!

We are tweaking and testing the patch and hope to have it ready sometime this Monday. Keep watching for further updates and thank you! #whew

We're continuing to adjust mob density and test. As soon as we're finished and the patch is ready will let people know!

Our tests show we went a little overboard with mob density... Have to fix them and test again. We will keep everyone posted on our progress.

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We are doing some final testing and depending on how it goes we will be on track to release the patch tonight... Stay tuned! #PatchesAreCool

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Server is DOWN while we use our Jedi powers to prep the patch. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and release time! #NotHowTheForceWorks
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Servers coming down Monday morning for the big patch. They won't be back until the launch planned for Tuesday evening. Details to follow...

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