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Valiance Online
A free to play "living world" superhero MMO!
A free to play "living world" superhero MMO!

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Server Status: DOWN! Alpha testing coming soon.

Email for assistance with the website and forums.

Not everything on our roadmap is specifically for Alpha launch, or has to be 100% for launch, so we are going to tweak it a bit to make things clearer. Stay tuned!

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We've posted an article explaining updates to our donation rewards! #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

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As part of our transparency efforts we'll be posting a weekly pic of our current development status (via Trello). #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

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Our Fearless Leader shares the latest development updates and status of Alpha! #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame #gaming

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Our producer is prepping a major game status update for our blog and shared these screenshots in the meantime. #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame
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Sorry we've been so quiet. Working on finishing touches on the private alpha and prepping updates to the website for the test. Stay tuned...

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Note there is a Unity bug causing chat problems in this clip but we've implemented a workaround since then.

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