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Are you looking to hire? How do you Hire the right Person?

When is that Prospect Ready to Close? There are signs to look for.

Words to keep in Mind throughout your career!

Some great takeaways here. Great article!

Being a business owner comes with an amazing amount stress. The trick is dealing with it!

A Look inside the ($300 Million Dollar) Yacht. Not really sure I like the decor but each is to their own!
A Look Inside a $300,000,000 ($300 Million Dollar) Russian Billionaire Yacht

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

Did your husband just look up and to the left when you asked him if anything was going on with that woman he had dinner with? Did your daughter provide few details when you asked her what she was doing out late last night? Did your friend nervously pick at his fingernails when you asked him if your new haircut looked good?

The answer to any of these questions likely has nothing to do with whether the person is lying or not. Contrary to what...
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