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Scott Atkins

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Box says it all. Storytelling Game, not published yet, but I'm sharing it anyway, it's worth checking out.
Accessible and intuitive tabletop game platform for the spinning of collaborative, character-driven stories.
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Eh... I dunno. Not convinced. Still sounds complicated (more so than he made it sound).
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Scott Atkins

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Finally went and wrote a wall of text for my 'About' section, lol. Yet I still don't think I've said enough...
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spamity spam spam spam! ahahaha. you'll not escape! basically stumbling around blindly, i should probably find some instructions for retards like me ^^
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Scott Atkins

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I look forward to playing with the circles and seeing how I can make them work for me.
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A little bit. I'm adding all my industry contacts to a 'Developer' circle, so I can see all my game dev related contacts without it blocking all my friend contacts and vica versa
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Scott Atkins

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Nhiếp Phong originally shared:
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I'm Scott, yes I am.
With all the people adding me now it's about time I put something useful here.

My name is Scott, I create things. I'm not terribly fussy what those things are, I adore the understanding of something and making something of it. Yes that's general, here are some specifics:

I love designing games. I love creating systems, considering how mechanics interact with story and with the player and how to create a really fun and engaging experience.

I love writing stories, figuring out characters, history, the world and making a story that gives the illusion of a vastly populated and deep world that I've only begun to explore. Yes I call it exploring because, I don't quite understand it but, as I delve into a world things just make 'sense', characters exist, history happens, things are the way they are there and I don't always understand why, but it just works and makes the world interesting.

I love dissecting games, understanding how they fit together, how the tutorial does (or does not) prepare the player for the game. How engaging the story is, the clichés, the token characters. I just adore understanding all of that.

I'm incredibly picky when it comes to tutorials in games, I believe that the quality of the tutorial shows the quality of the entire game. Poor tutorials often lead to poor game experiences.

I love watching people and understanding them. Admittedly people-skills are my weakest area, so I tried to fix it doing what I do best, reading, learning, understanding at a theoretical level then applying that knowledge. So I read up on personality theory, mainly the Meyer-Briggs Typology Indicator, (I'm an INTP if you're interested). I've become pretty good at figuring people out as a result, it's really helped me understand myself, my wife and friends and everyone else I meet.

Too long didn't read?

I analyse people and things to understand them, I love piecing things together to make something new. Be it games, fiction or theories. I love dissecting and presenting information in new ways.

While aesthetical beauty may be lost on me at times, the beauty of a well crafted story, excellent immersion, or mechanical interaction never is.
  • RBAI
    GCSEs (High school stuff), 1995 - 2000
    ND in Computer Studies, 2000 - 2002
    HND in Software Engineering, 2002 - 2004
  • University of Ulster
    BSc Hons in Computing Science (2:1), 2004 - 2007
  • University of Ulster
    Diploma in Industrial Studies, 2005 - 2006
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