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Monel 400 Tube fittings manufacturers

We value the needs of the clients form all domains of the indsutry and hence have created a palette that satisfies every need required by them to achieve their end goal. While keeping in mind the standards laid down by the industry we have successfully forged monel fittings that will suit all your piping and industrial needs.

The biggest difference between normal fittings and Monel forged fittings is the work hardening effect the former has after being forged. This work hardening effect results in durability and toughness of the fittings thus making them favorable in hard, heavy and harsh conditions. Cold working of the Monel grade can be done to increase its resistant and corrosion properties by changing its constituents metals. Addition of copper as one of the core metals adds to the Monel 400 forged fittings. The fittings can be constructed according to custom needs specified by the client in concurrence to their area of work and also based of their designs, all at a very nominal price.
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904l butt-weld fittings manufacturer

ASTM / ASME - A 403 / SA 403 Stainless Steel 304, 310, 309, 316, 316S & 904l Butt-weld Fittings Manufacturer.

SS Butt weld Elbow, SS Seamless Buttweld Pipe Fittings, SS Welded Buttweld Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.

kalpataru Piping Solutions is one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Stainless Steel 904L butt-weld Fittings using high quality raw materials. We also offered in various shapes such as tees, elbows, reducers, stub-ends, caps, collars, inserts. Precision finishing threading is available in NPT, BSPT & BSPP as per the international standards. We also provide the SS Buttweld Fittings as per customer specific requirements. These SS 904L Buttweld Fittings widely used in various application industry such as power plants, automobile, heavy engineering, offshore and chemical etc.

Specification :

Designation : ASTM A403, ASME SA403
Size : 1/2" NB TO 48" NB.
Schedules : 5s, 10s, 40s, 80s, 10, 20, 40, STD, 60, 80, XS, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXS
Wall Thickness : Sch. 5S To Sch. XXS
Grade : ASTM A403 WP 304/ 304L/ 304H/316/ 316L/ 317/ 317L/ 321/ 310/ 347/ 904L
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Cupro Nickel Round Bar Manufacturer

Utilized in various industrial as well as domestic applications. The cupro nickel alloy has been forged, bend and melded into various components of heavy and light for different clients by us. The Cupro nickel or CuNi Rods, Bars, Wire, Wire Mesh have a better longevity then other traditional metal rods or bars.

They come in 70/30, or 90/10 categories where the numbers signify the copper to nickel ratio. The 95/5 are good conductors of heat and are used as heat exchangers in various appliances. The 90/10 CuNi wires and mesh find use in food industry, desalination plants and marine industry. The standards observed while manufacturing the products are ASTM B111 C70400. The 70/30 grade of copper nickel are widely used in he petroleum industries where high temperature changes are a constant. All these products can be crafted to suit client needs based off their custom designs.
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Molybdenum Sheet Stockist & manufacturer

We decided to take the most characteristically enhanced form of metal and turn it into work horse products that will fit any industrial and domestic needs of our clients.All done with compliance with international manufacturing standards.

The molybdenum sheets are fabricated using casting methods that are a solely innovated by us to make sheet that are of superior grade and sturdy built. The casting procedure uses molybdenum powder in the cast which is pressed under high heavy procedure. This happens at a high temperature and further forging or rolling is done at the high temperature if needed. Having forged molybdenum in its purest form without the addition of any additives ensures a high grade product that has supreme quality enhanced toughness and is highly ductile. The end product of 99% molybdenum and 1% percent carbon. The molybdenum sheets retain all their mechanical properties to form a workhorse that can be used in area of work. To know more about this product contact our product specialists.
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Molybdenum rod stockist and Manufacturer

Kalpataru solutions has been developing efficient products for a long time since its inception and is determined to keep delivering at the same pace without stopping. The fabrication of molybdenum rods is one such innovation that transpired as a result of this determination to keep developing. The rods are manufactured using advanced machinery and tools and methods under expertise of our trained professionals.

The molybdenum rods are formed in casts that are especially molded to forge rods using heavy casting weight. The use of native molybdenum in its purest powdered form without any other additives is pressed under suitable weight inside the casts which gives it the cylindrical shape. The molybdenum rods are used in injection molding, machine parts making.The casts used to manufacture the rods forge accurately straight rods with appropriate diameters and roundness we are capable of forging rods of extremely small diameters as well. The rods are then finished with coatings as need by the clients.

Material : Mo >99.95%
Density : >10.2g/cc
Standard : ASTM B387
Size : 6 mm to 25 mm
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Bimetal Washer Exporter

Along with production of components for industrial needs we have contributed in products for the electrical industry as well. The use of advanced machinery and skilled expertise led to the formation of bimetal washer whose application goes beyond traditional washers in a mechanical setting.

Bimetal washers are widely used in electrical appliances due to its electrical induction properties. When in contact two metals experience a flow of current due to electrochemical reaction. In case of aluminium and copper a possibility of current flowing them due to the existence of a medium like salt or fluids is possible. This leads to corrosion on the surface of the metals called as galvanic corrosion. This corrosion can be prevented by using bimetal washers. The bimetalic washer ensure a seamless connection between the two metals by cladding them. The cladding acts as a conductor medium where the appropriate metals are connected to their corresponding metal conductors. They are generally used to make connections near copper winding inside an electrical appliance.
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Bimetal Sheet Stockist & Manufacturer

Our catalogue of bimetal products extends on a larger scale to provide our client with sufficient options for the industrial and domestic needs. The bimetal sheets are forged using various advanced methods and machinery under the supervision of trained professionals.

Bimetal sheets are constructed with a combination of two metals fixated on one another. High quality raw metal are used to manufacture the sheets with differing grades in accordance to the constituent metals inside the metals. We offer varying dimensions and thickness of Bimetal sheets that can be used as a support surface between parts of an assembly to reduce the wear and tear. Bimetal sheets that are fabricated from either copper and aluminium have different electric energy factors and the contact between the two gives rise to a galvanic cell under certain humid conditions. The Bimetal sheets are duly tested under rigorous conditions before being shipped to the client. The metal combination can be altered as suited the need of the client.


Size : 300mm x 300mm and 300mm x 600mm
available in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm
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Stainless Steel 316 Shims Manufacturer

In compliance to the international standards and our finest materials ranked as export quality in different domains of the industry, we put together the 316 grade steel shims for all your large scale industry and metalworking needs.The 316 grade of steel is widely known for its ductile and malleable properties by industry professionals.

Annealing is a process used to convert stock shim into the Stainless Steel 316 shim sheets. It occurs in three different stages that contribute to the final formation of the product.The first stage is Recovery in which the metal is softened to remove its defects by consistently working upon it.The wear and tear that occurs in the first stage recovers itself in the second stage by re-crystallization which prompts growth of new constituent particles by replacing the old ones inside the metal.General application of the 316 grade steel shims is pharmacy, photo equipment, paper processing plants, chemical factories and aeronautics.The shims are stress tested under rigid conditions during the processing phase using various tried and tested methods.

Grade : 304, 304L, 304H, 309S, 309H, 310S, 310H, 316, 316H, 316L, 316 TI, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347 H, 409, 410, 410S, 430
Standard : ASTM / ASME A/SA 240
Thickness : 0.3-3mm Being to cold rolled, 3-up belong to hot rolled
Width : 500mm-2000mm
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Stainless Steel 304 Shims Manufacturer

For years, We have been offering Stainless Steel 304 Shims Sheets as a industry product which clients and professionals world over have appreciated for its robust construction, light weight, effortless malleability and resistance to abrasion. The development process always proceeds in congruence with certain quality benchmarks.

Our Stainless Steel Shim Sheets are made using Steel 304, Which is a part of the 18-8 grade family of steels containing lower carbon content.The raw material we use comprises the ratio of 18% chromium and 8% nickel to give it the exclusive18-8 grade mark. The technology of fusing chromium inside the shim, Enables trapping of oxygen on the surface, thus preventing rusting of iron and reinforcing anti corrosion properties. Adequate nickel content improves the anti-abrasion ability of the Shim, Making it nominal in the development of food grade commodities. The Higher amounts of nickel is proportional to the steel’s long lasting properties, Enhancing the shims durability and enabling its steady usage for innumerable applications. In the long run, The quality, durability and resistance to temperature, make our brand of Steel Shims trustworthy and reliable for applications in different domains.

Clients can obtain the Stainless Steel 304 Shims in different sizes and dimensions at an economical cost from us.

Thickness : 0.025 mm thickness, 0.10 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.35mm, 0.40 mm
Width : 14' (355 mm) to 4' (1220 mm)
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About Kalpataru Piping Solutions
Incorporated in year 2015, Kalpataru Piping Solution are Long Radius Bends Manufacturer in all grades and also Stockist, Supplier and Exporter of raw materials like ​pipes, tubes, ​plates, fittings, fasteners etc.

Kalpataru Piping Solution Is An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company And Has A Track Record Of Offering A Wide Range Of Piping Solution At Very Competitive Prices. In A Very Short Period Of Time, We Have Gained An Excellent National And International Reputation. We are SABIC Approved Fittings & Flanges Manufacture.

Headed By Mr. Kalpesh Jain (Director) And Supported By Our Dedicated, Professional Team, We Are Able To Satisfy The Needs Of Our Clients In A Timely And Systematic Manner. The Profound Knowledge And Rich Experience Of our Team in The Respective Arena Of Metal Products Has Assisted The Company To Acquire Distinguished Position Amidst The Reliable Stainless Steel, Pipe Fitting In India.

We Are Counted Among The Best Manufacturer, Exporter Stockist & Supplier. We Export 60% Of Our Range Of Flanges, Outlets, Pipe Fittings And Forged Fittings To Many Countries Like Usa, Uk, Italy, Malaysia, Gulf Etc. We Would Appreciate To Get Your Esteemed Enquires And Look Forward To The Pleasure Receiving Your Valuable Response. we Are Regularly Supplying These Items To Many Leading Industrial Units Consisting Of : Ship Building, Petrochemical Plants, Steel Plants, Refineries, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Power Plant, Pharmaceutical, Ports, Oil & Gas, Railway, Mining, Cement Plants, Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, Fabrication Units Etc.

Especially Stainless Steel Sheets/ Plates/ Coils/ Pipes To Engineering Industries Who Are Engage In The Manufacture And Fabrication Of Process Equipment. We Can Supply The Items Even Under Third Party Inspection Viz Bureau Veritas, D.N.V., Kavernor Power Gas, Udhe India, EIL, Lloyds, Toyo, Chemtex, Ceil, Tecnimont, IBR Etc.
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