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Life has a funny way of changing roles

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Dementia and the Fourth of July
I remember a time when my family looked forward to the
holidays. We made grand plans, spent time swimming, fishing, preparing large
meals, and simply enjoying each other’s company. This Fourth of July holiday weekend did not go as planned.
Four days off, I ...

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Finding Quite Time
This week was busy but I managed to get several things accomplished. Office charts, done.   Volunteer health clinic grant, complete.   Humane Society newspaper article submitted Attended the Big Man's ceremony for the Quorum Court Next week"s menu outlined,...

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Tethering a Dog is Bad
The Blytheville Humane Society has been hard at work over
the last few weeks.  We have made several
adoptions.  One special girl Paris, who
had been at the shelter for 5 years, found her forever home.  Needless to say there were many tears of joy
shed, Pari...

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This week was busy but I managed to get several things accomplished. Office charts, done.   Volunteer health clinic, complete.   Humane Society benefit, a success.  The Big Man's campaign radio ad, written and recorded.   Next week"s menu outlined, grocery ...

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Feeling Bad for Not Going to Church
Lately the Big Man and I have not been attending church.  At first our   my excuse was work, family and just being "too busy" but over time I have found myself questioning organized religion. My view of church has changed, I once believed that the body of t...

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An Organized Life Starts at Home
An organized life starts at home.  When I wake up looking at piles of books,
laundry waiting to be washed or hung in the closet, dirty dishes in the sink,
my stress level goes up and my
productivity goes down. If I work late, I need to know my family is bei...

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Reasons to Spay and Neuter
We are super excited that the
weather is changing.  Fall and Spring are
busy times at the shelter, the cooler temperatures have everyone moving with
more energy and enthusiasm.  This week we want to share with
you why spaying and neutering your pet is impor...

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Unwanted Four-Legged Members of the Community
This has been a trying week for the humane society, filled
with dark clouds.  There seems to be no
end to the homeless and unwanted four-legged members of our community. Two dogs (different homes) on chains, limited food and
water, flies literally eating th...

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To A Homeless Dog You Could Be The World
This week has seen cooler temperatures but no relief in
unwanted animals.  If you haven’t
noticed, our weekly theme is consistently, “help there are too many unwanted
animals and too few homes.” Heath our Pet of the Week - Looking for his forever home  Dogs...
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