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TALL GUIDES - An Online Magazine Backed By An International Community Of Tall Women
TALL GUIDES - An Online Magazine Backed By An International Community Of Tall Women


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Tall women of the world … there’s a new clothing brand arriving in our community very soon, and we are all in for a treat. Shpala, founded by my fellow Tall Guides contributor Inna, will be releasing their first capsule collection in mid 2017, featuring six dresses.

The entire collection is designed and manufactured in New York City, a place where women often gravitate towards one type of dress for every occasion in their lives, the LBD. That’s right, these six dresses included in the first Shpala capsule collection each muse on the classic little black dress for a myriad of occasions that women encounter throughout their busy weeks. Inna’s designs are a fresh take on this timeless and elegant piece, and each dress couldn’t feel more fabulous. While her brand focuses on luxury pieces, the plush materials (like 100% silk lining), attention to detail and structure of each dress is worth every penny. Here's your exclusive TallGuides sneak peek...

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Does ‘better late than never’ still count when the event was almost 6 months ago?! We say YES it does! You may remember that back in October last year, Tall Guides and Tallgirls got together to host an exclusive shopping event in London. We wanted to provide women with the opportunity to socialise and shop whilst making them Saturday night ready!

There had been a lot of chat in the group about tall women always having to pay more. They spoke and we listened; treating them to a free of charge event… unless of course they went shopping!

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We were super-excited to hear that our Tall Travel Tips, as suggested by the women of #teamtall, made it onto the The Jet Set TV in America this week...

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Welcome to the Tall Guides Stationery Cupboard! We don’t just organise our lives in diaries and notebooks; we confide in them and share our deepest thoughts and feelings. Spending so much of our lives online has made writing by hand feel like we’re somehow beating the system, stealing minutes out of the day to dream, to plan and to remember.

We’re super-excited to open the virtual doors to our Tall Guides store and showcase our first eco-notebook collection - each one is a safe place where your ideas are encouraged and welcomed. Their crisp, blank pages are ready and waiting for your thoughts, dreams and aspirations… all of which could one day change the world.

…because happiness is like-heighted stationery!

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Everyone is utterly irresistible. We can’t even help ourselves – it’s just the way we are. You included! Irresistible in an effortless way which attracts lovers, friends, careers and conversations.

This is what it really all boils down to: Everyone – absolutely everyone – has charisma.

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From what we order in a restaurant to the workout we do at the gym, we all at some point or another end up caring way too much about what other people think. Will they judge me or think I look stupid? And then of course we end up doing something other than what we want because of what we assume they’ll think about us.

Maybe this is you, maybe it isn’t. Maybe you are perfectly at peace with everything you do in life and every choice you make – credit to you. But some are not, and sometimes that person is me, so I wanted to share some of my own experiences, thoughts and tips.

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As spring is nearly here, it’s the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe with some beautiful prints that make the sunny days feel closer. I was lucky enough to sample a couple of pieces from Sheer Apparel, a sustainable fashion brand who are committed to selling clothes that are made of organic fabrics and are produced with fair working practices. The clothes I sampled were all of a beautiful quality, and the design details were exquisite. My favourite pieces for your tall wardrobe are two skirts that are sure to sail you into the spring...

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We’ve all walked about in painful shoes all day, rueing the moment we decided it would be a good idea to squeeze our feet into those beautiful pointy heels. Recent media focus on employers forcing women to wear heels as part of antiquated dress codes have done nothing to ease my personal resentment of daytime heels. At least now the widespread popularity of block heels has done something to improve comfort levels but there’s nothing like the warm pedal embrace of a trainer to put a spring in your step and, in my case, make me far more productive.

Granted, my job involves hot footing it around London on a regular basis but still, I can assure you I’m generally a much happier person in trainers. The best part is that trainers don’t have to mean casual. They can be styled for smart casual and dare I even say it office wear, and apologetically so. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the following ladies.

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When you need a new pair of leggings, who better to ask for recommendations than Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model & Tall Guides contributor, Pollyanna…

I get asked this question more than often so here’s my favourites for you taller ladies out there! I only wear full length leggings. I’m not a fan of 3/4 length as once on me they look like awkward length shorts! I’m 5’11 so when it comes to buying leggings the key thing for me has to be LENGTH. They’ve got to be long enough. Oh, and Squat proof, of course. I also like the higher waisted leggings. I bought some Better Bodies ones once and whilst they were a good length, they sat really low on my hips and I just do not like that design – it always feels like they are falling down. I like to feel like I’m secure and can give them a good yank up!

Anyway, this is where I get my leggings from, in no particular order...

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London Fashion Week took place this week, with collections for autumn/winter 2017.

Roland Mouret made a triumphant return to LFW to unveil his 20th anniversary collection, while Christopher Kane brought us metallic twinsets and futuristic dinner ladies but the recurring theme seemed to be gender fluidity. Men modelled what would traditionally be seen as women’s wear and vice versa. Many of the clothing brands have been designed to be deliberately unisex or androgynous but outfits by Oliver Thame and Robert Sanders stood out for their lack of gender constraints...
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