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The description of the mechanics of your injury were exactly the same as mine. Like You, I did not feel any pain- but I knew something was wrong. Even though mostly pain free, I immediately began to feel nauseous and weak. Being 1/2 mile from home, I had to walk back using a pole I pulled from someone's yard (sorry)! I
After the X-rays were taken, I was told that I broke my fibula and tibia but not the medial maleolus. If you break the medial maleolus you will most likely need surgery- I did not. I was in a hard cast for 6 weeks. Crutches are a real bitch and I took two falls, one minor one pretty bad. Today, at the six week mark, I got an equalizer boot. It feels (the boot) but I still have sharp discomfort if I try to put more than 20% of my weight on it! Ugh, ankle breaks are an underrated and debilitating injury- not because of pain but due to the lifestyle challenges they provoke.
Good Luck all, stay positive. 
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