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Protect wetlands, give migratory birds a habitat
Tidal flat wetland is an important wintering and transfer station, and its ecological status is important. Every bird migration season, Gaoyou Lake Region about to "receive" 2500 migratory swans, domestic attention is very high. Northward migration of birds, do not eat, do not drink, continuous flight for seven days in order to reach the Jiangsu wetlands. After arriving here, migratory birds have to moult so that they can continue to migrate, and prey on the intertidal benthos as food". If coastal wetlands are destroyed, migratory birds will not be able to live or migrate, which will have an impact on global biodiversity and ecological balance. If we can give up. Construction projects in industrial areas are in conflict with wetland conservation, and industrial parks should be protected by wetlands. In order to reduce the influence of the core area of the foraging habitat of birds in the wetland, wetland environmental protection wild birds, reduced the wetland development scale, solar power plant construction of the new planning, and cancel the original intention of beach development and lay a solid foundation for the ecological environment and the harmonious and sustainable development, in order to form a good momentum of development.
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