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Elixir/Erlang better than Go, really?
The microbenchmark result for spawning short-lived concurrent events: # Go 1.8.0 $ go build test.go ; for k in 5 50 500 5000 50000 500000; do echo -n $k; time ./test $k > /dev/null; done 5 CPU: 0.00s      Real: 0.00s     RAM: 2080KB 50 CPU: 0.06s      Real:...

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Tricks to be Motivated
Recently I being so much unmotivated with my work, and I think I know the reason, but anyway, these are the generic things to get things done: Buy a pen, and small notebook, seriously! Make a TODO list, break into very small things to be done in a day Have ...

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Cross Platform Game Development
So I was looking for cross-platform game development, found some that are good for Indie game dev development, such as V-Play  that uses QML (I like Qt), but the review for the games it produced is quite bad (crashes a lot), so I look another one and found ...

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Alternatives for Web and Mobile App in single codebase
If you are a one-man-army.. um I mean full-stack dev, you'll need to reuse most code as much as possible, a single codebase for all platform instead of rewrite everything in programming language best suited for that platform, that is C++/Java for Android, S...

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GotRo Framework Tutorial Go, Redis and PostgreSQL
Gotro is opinionated colleciton of libraries and framework for Go, it's a rewrite of Gokil framework that specially built for Go + Redis + PostgreSQL web application development. Previously Gokil written using the infamous julienschmidt's  httprouter , the ...

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Go-Redis vs RediGo (also Aerospike)
This is an old benchmark result that test Redis and Aerospike , both are in-memory database, I did this about December last year, that I used to test Redis agains Aerospike for cases of storing random session per request: Redis ( redigo ) Transactions:     ...

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Redis 3.2.1 vs ScyllaDB 1.7RC2
Since Scylla still have no secondary index, all I can do to use Scylla is to replace Redis for storing user login sessions, this benchmark only test read queries (queries that always returns zero request because the record does not exists) and the result ar...

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PostgreSQL 9.6.2 vs ScyllaDB 1.7RC2
Since CockroachDB 1.0 not yet performant , today we're gonna test PostgreSQL 9.6.2 vs ScyllaDB 1.7RC2 on Ubuntu XFS filesystem. test1: postgresql INSERT: 34.667685316s (3.47 ms/op) UPDATE: 35.117617526s (3.51 ms/op) SELECT: 47.529755777s (0.73 ms/op) CPU: 3...

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PostgreSQL 9.6.2 vs CockroachDB 1.0 vs ScyllaDB 1.6.4
New kids on the block, multi-master database that recently released 1.0, here's some benchmark result: test1: postgresql INSERT: 35.613299388s UPDATE: 36.34266642s SELECT: 11.024177807s CPU: 2.64s      Real: 84.03s    RAM: 54 912 KB test2: postgresql jsonb ...

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TechEmpower Framework Benchmark Round 14
New benchmark result is out , as usual the important part is the data-update benchmark: At that chart, the top ranking language are: Kotlin, C, Java, C++, Go, Perl, Javascript, Scala, C#; and for the database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Also the other benc...
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