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Single point lubrication. Multi-point lubrication.

Pulsarlube is the most effective solution to lubricate your equipment.
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Pulsarlube EX
Specifically Designed for Hazardous Areas

The Pulsarlube EX is specially engineered to meet UL & ATEX requirements for use in hazardous areas and to ensure safe and reliable lubrication solutions to your valuable equipment.


Specifically designed for places where Class I, Division II, Group C & D certification is required

Easy to program with built-in LCD and simple button controls

Service Pack
Substantial savings from the use of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs (Service Pack)

Product Certifications
2) UL
3) KCs
4) IP54
5) CE(CoC)
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Single Point Lubricator

Pulsarlube E
Compact & Economical

The Pulsarlube E is designed to offer superior advantages in cost competitiveness and user friendliness over conventional gas type SPL units. The Pulsarlube E has a creative and innovative design which satisfies a wide variety of demands for industrial applications. It operates based on the proven technology of electrochemical reaction which generates inert Nitrogen (N2) gas through the systematic use of an electrolyte and electrical energy.

The Pulsarlube E utilizes an intuitive mode selecting mechanism to ensure an error-free and simple operation. This product is the right choice for a cost effective, reliable, and safe SPL product for most industrial applications.

Compact Design
- Compact 60ml design is convenient for use in very confined spaces

- Specially designed to endure high vibration

Easy maintenance
- Transparent container and cap for easy visual inspection of remaining lubricant and dispensing periods

-Eco-friendly product where applicable parts can be disposed of separately

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A cooling tower is a piece of equipment that drives a primary cooling effect from the evaporation of water when brought into direct contact with air. Gears and bearings in cooling-tower systems operate in extremely difficult environments—marked by high moisture content, high temperatures and high risk of particulate contamination.

Wide range of working temperature
Very watered and dusty lube points
Dangers of working from a height
Difficult access to the lube points of fan bearing motors
Hard to check & manually grease regularly due working conditions

Solutions & Benefits
Removed the previous damaged copper tube and installed Pulsarlube M remote installation kit in safe and reliable area for optimal lubrication.

Featured Products
Pulsarlube M

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