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Faces of Evansville, Indiana
Evansville, Indiana
Evansville, Indiana


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there should be an app for that

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Find out the Answer to many of sciences most confusing questions.

Questions such as What are Black Holes?, What is the Bermuda Triangle?, What are the Sounds Heard around the Earth? and many others can be answered by science.

Quantum Physics, Geography, Astrology and more.

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RitaAnn~ wants to know.

What's your favorite Social Media site and your favorite things to do.

List your link here and what it is you like to do best. 

* Games
* Quotes
* Stalk Someone
* Business
** Add something I hadn't thought about.

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Candy for Halloween? Get it delivered to your house. #snacks #candy #chips #delivered

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I need one of these. I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have a bedroom big enough for this swing bed hammock. I don't think it's something I have room for, but I would love to have something like this sitting in my back yard. 

This would have been perfect when I was breastfeeding babies. 
Perfect for outdoors around the pool or jaccuzzi. 

#outdoors   #hammock   #swing   #sexy   #bed   #unique  
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