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Convergence Battle Engine
I haven't played Warmachine in like 6+ months but I got the itching to paint and I always enjoyed painting this scheme. I figured I might as well add one more model to my Convergence collection.

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Las Vegas Open: The Revitalizing of My Hobby
This is a draft I never finished, but felt like finishing my edit pass and posting since my blog has been so void of content lately. I'm going to add comments as I read this in italics. I had the lucky opportunity to participate in the Las Vegas Open 2015. ...

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Time to remember why I keep quitting Trollbloods...
With my goal for Convergence complete I needed to paint something different. I've always loved painting trolls and wanted to pull them out for a few games. Hopefully this time around I'll get over Tough being a bad mechanic (future article) and just enjoy t...
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