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The future is here.

Separating the Man from the Myth as Kris Bryant Lands with the Cubs | Bleacher Report (via
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Soon you’ll be able to take a balloon ride to the edge of space:
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Nice, +Arturo Ayala​! :-)
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Insane. +Timothy Welch 
If Lars Andersen brought his bow and arrow to a gunfight, he'd win.
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People that practice can be pretty deadly with the ol wrist rocket
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Corrected. My apologies.
+Brennon Dickson​ think you linked wrong Steve B. On ingress op ;) 
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6 States
57 Agents
20 Scoring Regions
35.1 Million Mind Units Captured
3 Urban Centers Fielded
9 New Members to the Million MU club

+Joe Philley​​​​​ +Brian Rose​​​​​ +Brandon Badger​​​​​ +Susanna Moyer​​​​​ +Niantic Project​​​​​

#jangelbells #NEABlackOps #MFBAF #MidsouthResistance #ingressreport

This one was bittersweet for me. Despite overall mission success, some agents put forth great effort but fell short of their goal. I dedicate this sitrep to those people. With an Op this large and including seven extensive fielding lanes, it is extremely difficult to cover every potential situation that may arise. In the end, we fell one distant block short of scoring every section of this triple BAF.

#Jangelbells began when my high school friend +Jeremy Angel​​​​​ informed me that he would be coming home for the holidays. He expressed his desire to field while here, so I began brainstorming for a fielding plan that I had not seen completed before. Memphis, St. Louis, and Little Rock had all been fielded countless times before, but never simultaneously and separately. What I came up with was a triple BAF that would cover all three urban centers, with each building off of each other. The plan would put a spotlight on the teamwork and communication that the Resistance in this region of the country can boast. I reached out to the invaluable guys and gals at #MFBAF, and tapped the St. Louis contacts that I acquired at the #darsana anomaly in New Orleans.

On the day of the Op, nerves were running high. Numerous out-of-area enlightened were popping up all over the map, most likely visiting for the holidays. We did our best to control the crazy linking that resulted. Three problematic and last second blocks almost spelled disaster for the Op. Luckily, +Timothy Welch​​​​​ and +Willie Adams III​​​​​ were able to come to the rescue on two of them, and shall have their names proudly inscribed in the Hall of Ingress Heroes. Unfortunately, a distant block in rural Mississippi was out of range of all available agents, and cost the Little Rock section of the Op any possible scored layers. Despite this tragedy, they overcame and adapted. Shifting their planned anchor they still managed to field twice over Little Rock before the final hammer blow fell from bloodthirsty frogs.

In the end, St. Louis managed 10 layers at 2.08 million MUs per layer, scoring six layers. Memphis completed 8 layers at 1.48 million MUs per layer, scoring two layers. Little Rock completed the aforementioned two layers, at 1.23 million per. Nine agents enjoyed throwing their first million+ MU field.

A tip of the hat to the folks on the Little Rock end. Their planning and execution were flawless. If not for a block that was completely out of their reach or control, they would have layered Little Rock 17 times. You have my admiration and respect.

A personal thank you to all of the agents that assisted with this Op, sacrificing their gas, time, and energy to accomplish a unified goal. Without each and every one of you, something like this would never be possible. I have met so many awesome people through this game, most of which I now call friends and brothers. These bonds are what drive the Wolf. CHEERS

NEA Black Ops:

+Brennon Dickson​​​​​ (Betawolf)
+Jeremy Angel​​​​​ (jangelgoat)
+Rachel Gonzales​​​​​ (belreigninblood)
+Tim Gregory​​​​​ (silentnight25)
+Seth Thompson​​​​​ (thth3)
+Timothy Welch​​​​​ (tboner83)
+Chris Doyle​​​​​ (cjoker)


+Jon Mosher​​​​​ (JMosh)
+Cassi Duncan​​​​​ (caytie82)
+Damon L​​​​​ (lightseeker316)
+Brent Ferro​​​​​ (synder217)
+Alexander Lawson​​​​​ (alexlarson)
+Brent Bordenkircher​​​​​ (CC050)
+Chris Unverfehrt​​​​​ (evilsuperheroes)
+Loring Preston​​​​​ (angrygeek)
+Rodney Rice Jr​​​​​ (biggerbug)
+Teresa Ebert​​​​​ (thepreachermrs)
+Evan Pederson​​​​​ (renaistre)
+Steve Bromley​​​​​ (javapgmr)
+Jon Davis​​​​​ (froggerjon)
+Tim Erni​​​​​ (pezhead0420)
+Ryan Shaw​​​​​ (alchapwn)
+Destiny W.​​​​​ (destne)
+Don Snyder​​​​​ (toogreat)
+Jim Mooar​​​​​ (flame1984)
+Karen Hood​​​​​ (khood)
+Laura Huffman​​​​​ (ancell)
+Bryan Kuhn​​​​​ (guner666)


+Jeremy Lackey​​​​​ (frezertrollzero)
+Mr. Jones​​​​​ (glockster)
+Willie Adams III​​​​​ (tokain)
+Steven B​(apac84)
+lee gentry (biglee7168)
+Christopher Pond​​​​​ (thepain)
+Paul Dunaway​​​​​ (jinxs)

Little Rock:

+Dewayne Phillips​​​​​ (jawstheme)
+sammy cavitt​​​​​ (firedancer)
+David Wallach​​​​​


+Greg Grimes​​​​​ (thespis377)
+Brett Estes​​​​​ (pooba)
+Sara Plante​​​​​ (aikidomidget)
+jeff holloway (bungleman)
+michael johnson (militantmidget)
+wes estes (contemplator)
+lindsey estes (lindz)

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Or app
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Brennon Dickson

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2:
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Can. Not. Wait.

Marvel's Daredevil - Trailer 2:
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#Robot watches YouTube then teaches itself how to cook, Washinton Post reported (26 Feb 2015).

Washington Post: "At the University of Maryland, researchers are designing robots that can learn how to do things by watching people. Instead of being intricately programmed step by step to make a series of movements to accomplish a goal, these robots can figure out how to do it themselves."

Computerworld (30 Jan 2015): "The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) issued a series of grants in 2011 to fund research into ways to create a mathematical language that would allow the military to combine data from drone video, cell-phone intercepts, targeting radar and any other available method of sensing the outside world into a single stream of data, but that was only the initial goal."

It is interesting how military funding is responsible for the roots of this advance.

#robots #robotics #machinelearning  
At the University of Maryland, researchers are teaching robots to learn how to do things themselves.
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For anyone who missed it November Lima (The official Niantic Van) will be coming into town on Jan 31st. We are eyeing Central BBQ downtown as the meeting site. I am calling tomorrow to see about reserving a room. Everyone should be super excited. This is a huge honor and the second time we've had it bestowed upon us!

As soon as we have more details I will pass them along I need to get a rough headcount of how many we will have so I know what size room to request. 
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Mission success. The joy of hard work coming to fruition.
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Mom wouldn't let me drive 4 hours to kill it. Was visiting family in Indiana. Good job, looking forward to the sitrep.
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