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How Social Media Has Evolved in the Last Decade

Curious how #SocialMedia  has evolved since 2004? Check out this great #infographic  by +MediaVision that highlights when specific channels were launched and how quickly their networks were built! #SMM  H/T +Mediabistro #SMM  

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The Publisher Tools will help publishers to target posts, remove posts that are no longer relevant and identify popular links that they haven’t shared. #SocialMedia #SocMedia #smm

Facebook has release some strings of tools to help Publishers and Marketers increase the organic reach. In a blog post released yesterday, Facebook's Holly Ormseth wrote, these new tools will help brands connect with people on Facebook. (and we agree!).…

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What other tricks do you do to get more LIKES on Facebook?

#socialMedia   #socMedia   #Qotd 

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Unveiling the (NEW) Official Logo of Amber Consult. We are Social Media Experts. Read our blog http//

We provide what we call the SECD; 
* Strategy 
* Execution
* Consulting and
* Development 
to bring all aspects of social media and traditional marketing efforts into alignment with unified goals and purpose . 

Our blog is full of tips, tricks and news about the every changing Digital marketing ecosystem.

#itsAmber #SocialmediaMarketing #smm #StartupTamale 

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Do you want to see how fast you respond to mentions on Twitter? Then this is the Tool you must use. It searches your Twitter account to find how quickly you respond to mentions.

Start ups sometims find it difficult to jump start their online Marketing . In this post, you will know about 12 awesome tools that will help you into becoming the next big thing in Online marketing!

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Chris Messina, who worked on Google+ user experience design before leaving the company over a year ago, wrote a long post on Medium, in which he criticizes the service for not delivering on its initial vision of empowering users with the vast amount of data that Google collects about them. He also calls out Google+ for not having any meaningful differentiators over its more successful competitor, Facebook. "Most people would likely describe Google+ as a newsfeed, a kind of Facebook-lite," he wrote.

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Twitter is not a sales tool. Start hawking your services in tweets, and you’ll scare off rather than attract clients.

What is Twitter about then?

It’s a tool for building relationships. When you’ve established a relationship with someone, then you can reach out and pitch your services. You’ll have built up trust. And you’ll know whether it’s worthwhile pitching them, because you’ll have found out whether they’re your target client.


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Twitter’s Analytics tool has never been super forthcoming about all it can do. From its lackluster announcement of a stellar feature to non-obvious ways of getting at your data, it’s a goldmine without a map.

#socmed #social #sm

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Are you posting images across social networks? Do you use them to extend your brand recognition? The way logos, fonts and colors work together in social media images is an important part of gaining brand attention.

#SocialMedia #SMM
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