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+MakerBot Thing-O-Matic(left) vs Replicator(right) printed from the same file. Sorry about the neon green, but the difference in quality is amazing. The Replicator is quite the upgrade.
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There was a episode of Eureka last night about 3D bio printing which the intended result was to be a living breathing human. Although quite a leap from where we are now, I believe someday it would be possible.
Sounds like that one part from The Fifth Element.
Indeed, but now with our advances in technology it seems more real than ever.
Sounds like a plan, but I have a few previous projects I need to finish before starting something new. =)
It depends on the length of the arms and the configuration of the robot. A delta will max out in a triangle and a quattro in a square. The really cool thing is that the configuration allows you to tilt the print head too, allowing for 4 axis machining. Not sure if this would be handy for additive CNC work but I'd be willing to experiment!
Tilting the head means it can print horizontally. This would be really useful for overhangs! I think we may be onto something here. ;)
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