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+Square Enix​, with all the PC ports of the back library of games lately, any chance we could get some Star Ocean PC ports?
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+CyanogenMod Can we get a power saving implementation like this app built into the core of CM?

I find it a VERY acceptable sacrifice to use this to save power if I am just texting or scrolling through G+ or that other network.

Hey +Ubisoft, Just bought Watch Dogs and I just got 1 thing to say...

Thanks for the built-in Dvorak and 21:9 support. I <3 U for that.
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Learning to type Dvorak and LOVING IT!!!
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So with Google now having their all access music service for $9.99/month, does the service work with the Apollo app or do I need to install Google Play Music to use the service?

So whats the deal with Netflix now? Is it becoming American only? I am trying to re-setup my payment plan but only get an error saying that Netflix doesnt accept payment from non-US sources (I'm in Canada here)
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Hello, I recently found this term "asexual" on wikipedia and so far this is the closest to how I am.

Personally I feel no/negligible attraction to others. However, I do have a desire for sexual activity.

I am curious if asexuality is the most appropriate category for me to fit in or is what I have described another sexuality group altogether?

I want to edit my hosts file on my n4. How can I enter a tab after the IP address? Or can I just hit space a few times for it to work fine?

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Gsreamer is having difficulties for me.

Arch a-la antergos installation with multimedia software auto installed during install.

It seems to be something related to subtitles from what i can gather... Some stuff with subs just doesnt play while other stuff with subs has an issue where it goes to a chroma-key green for as long as the subtitles would show and just stacks subs ontop of each other.

Audio seems fine (for now)

where should i look at to solve this. (already checked the Wiki @ )
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