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Josie B
Fashion, Life, Beauty blogger.
Fashion, Life, Beauty blogger.

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Life is hard.
Life has gotten really hard these last couple of weeks and I'm pretty close at giving up again..  Losing my job again has been the main thing that has been getting me down, I'm trying so hard to find another one but getting rejected over and over again real...

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Lately I've found myself with an over barring feeling that over the last month or so I've messed up massively and I worked out that its true I did mess up a lot recently: 1. My job.. this is my biggest worry as I've gone from having the best job I'll probab...

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Those down days..
The last couple of weeks have not been the best! I've realized that I have spent the last 3 years at college doing something I now absolutely hate and my hours at work have been cut right down to 0! and with my parents still forcing me to go to college I'm ...

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Salicylic Acid Face Peel
From the age of 11 to now (age 18) I have suffered with acne, its not so bad now as I've got older and started to care for my skin more but I do still get the odd spot but I have been left with the permanent reminder of this teenage nightmere in the form of...

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It will be okay!
"It will be okay" is something that has been said to me a lot especially over the last few months and every time I didn't believe it, The last couple of months had been the worst and toughest and if I'm honest I didn't think that I would make it through and...

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A sunny ootd
The weather in England is totally unreliable for example the middle of winter can be really sunny and the middle of summer have rain floods. So any day that has a little bit of sun and warmth you have to make the most of as I did this week. I love wearing d...

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Depression and Anxiety.
Depression and Anxiety just don't make sense for example going out with your friends should be an enjoyable happy experience and not make you stress out so much you cry or have a panic attack and decide not to go out and instead stay home alone. Its a visco...

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18th birthday ootd
I went to Nandos with my friends a couple of days after my birthday and I wore this dress I had got for my birthday. I love the small monochrome flower print that is covering the dress. The dress comes to around middle thigh area so it is perfect for a day ...

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Real life meets Online life
To me my blog was only read by strangers until a couple of days a friend told me they had read my blog, I was terrified and went back and deleted about 6 posts from the last 2 years because online you can be whoever you want and not worry about what people ...
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