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I know it's almost 2014, but I like this Flash site:

It's fun right? Did you pop the lightbulbs?

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Yes! Netflix is rolling out extra profiles - each account can have up to 5. I'm going to make profiles for me, my husband, and me+my husband!

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You can bake hard-boiled eggs! In the oven!@_@
 (The link goes to the post about baking eggs, not an online shop, really.)

(ht +David Packer )

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“With a new top-level domain name, New York won’t just be the greatest city in the world — we’ll also be the greatest city on the internet,” said Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn.

Sounds ambitious! I do want a .nyc domain though :D

#infodiet start of week 4: Having the router on a timer sort of works. Maybe this would be easier if I focused on alternatives to surfing the internet and tv...

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This is happening now!

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#infodiet - end of week 2: No more willpower & mindfulness tricks. I put the router on a timer.

#infodiet days 9-12: "Related Stories" are definitely my weakness. It's much safer to read articles in a service like Pocket. This week, I'm not going to click on any related story links, except to send the link to Pocket.

Is it weird to post this on Google+? This feels too bloglike.

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Is anyone a member of WPMU DEV? Do you think it's worth $420/year ($210 for the first year)?

#infodiet day 8: You know how they say sleep deprivation reduces your willpower? It's true! I had a difficult time avoiding Twitter today, so I made an effort to unfollow some blogs. I also unfollowed some people that I am connected to elsewhere, like Instagram or Tumblr.

Is anyone else out there trying to limit their media consumption?
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